Episode scene on sleeping during camping tip

Do you know those weird moments where you look at something and then you see something else?

So, I was looking at the baby swaddles, and I didn’t see a nonexistent baby covered by a wrapped blanket- I saw another thing.
Previously, I would use baby swaddles as towels, actually: Something like this:

(By the way, you can use it if you want)
But today, I was looking at it and I realized it would a lot like a sleeping bag!
So, for example (I’m too lazy to crop Episode characters right now)

Or even as a blanket!

Forgive me if this idea was taken before, but I thought this was pretty neat! :smile:
Have a good day!


Update: or even a chip bag, for example!


I’ve used them as beanbags before


Brilliant! :laughing:

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You’re such a genius the blanket looks perfect :heart_eyes:

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Thank you Puma! :heart_eyes:

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Great idea! XD I would never thought of that!

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Thank you! :laughing:

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That is REALLY smart

cough I gotta resize (and probably recolor) a bunch of baby swaddles to look like blankets (so i have them as already resized overlays instead of having to resize them every time i need a blanket) now I may be gone for several years so…don’t come looking for me cough

Brilliant idea :+1:

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You are so clever :rofl:

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Thank you all!

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