Episode screen only shows half of it


Everytime when a scene with a filter in it comes up, my episode app screen suddenly becomes smaller and only shows the half of it. So I can only see the part of the character’s movements and its really annoying. Can someone help me?


I know right I don’t know how to fix it too :disappointed_relieved::persevere::sob::sob::sob:

Some one plz HELP US :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


Same here i have this bug for weeks is there any one that can help plz .


Me too its sooo annoying. It only happened with one story called The Boss. I cant fix it and i have tried re starting it too. Someone plz help i rly love this story and wanna read but i cant with this bug


I’ve got the same problem. I tried contacting the support and tried out all solutions they suggested, but it still does not work. Possibly because my tablet does not have enough free internal storage. They wrote I should have 2.5GB of free internal storage. That’s the only point from their checklist that I could not follow because my device got a ton of undeleteable -android-whatever-stuff…
If one of you can try to get 2.5GB of internal storage free and look if that fixes the issue I’d know if I am right with my theorie.
Hope that issue gets fixed eventually…


Me too


I’ve received a new mail from the support team. It said that "this is currently a known issue in the game. […] passed the information you provided to our testers and developers to help them investigate it more thoroughly, which should be really helpful. "
They’re working on this problem and will hopefully soon find a solution. Our reading experience is not doomed forever. :pray:


Thanks :slight_smile: