Episode Series Suggestions



I’m new here so this might not be in the right category if that’s the case feel free to correct it.
I’d like to know what series you may recommend for me to read. I like the stories that have series or sequels. The series I’ve read that I’d like similar stories to are…

The Never Ending Fight
Falling For You/Could He Be The One

*I’ve currently started ‘Just An Illusion’ plan on reading all 3 along with ‘Chain Reaction’ (I think Chain Reaction was meant to be read first but I just so happened to come across Just an Illusion & didn’t know it was part of a series) I like to have other stories lined up & in my favorites so I don’t have to do the tedious search.

I’d like stories in the mafia/gang romance plots!

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have have! :blush:


Demi series


@Episode.Cameronwrite thanks I’ll definitely check it out!