Episode shop questions!

Hi! I purchased a notebook from the Episode website and I never got a confirmation email for my order, The money was taken out of my account. Does anyone know how long it will take for them to send it?


Have you checked in snap emails? It could be in there. This has happened to me before too and that usually worked.

What’s a snap email?? :sweat_smile: if you meant spam I just checked and there was nothing there sadly );

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I’m planning on buying an Episode notebook too later today! I’ll inform you if I got anything if someone hasn’t already. :smile:

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Thank you!

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Hey, I just ordered the notebook and I also didn’t receive an email but I downloaded the app that allows you to track your Episode order so in a sense that confirmed it for me.

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what app is it?

It’s called Shop. It’s a purple app with 4.8 ratings on the App Store. Just connect your gmail account to the app and it will show your order.

Don’t worry, this app came up when I bought the notebook so it’s not a random app I found lol.

I connected my account but nothing came up ):


If you have store questions, please reach out to our support team here.

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@katiekinssz Did you end up finding everything ok?

Yes! I went back to my search history to find the order and there was a tracking number. They just never sent me an email ! Thank you for your help (:

:rofl: I didn’t realise it autocorrected to snap. Yes, I meant spam.

I am having the same issue. I checked my spam and I don’t have an email, can you help me? I filled out a ticket, but I think that ticket is for app issues, I need to store issues because I would like to know that I didn’t waste my money.

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Hi! I never received an email from them so I went through my search history and found the order confirmation page. The day after I ordered it there was a tracking number on that page. Mine will be here on Tuesday ! I would check there (:

Did your notebook end up getting delivered yet?

Nope): It said it was supposed to be here today but UPS already went by my house.

Oh no! What are you going to do? My package hasn’t even been shipped yet and its been 5 days so I’m trying to figure out if its due to COVID-19 or a delay.

Not sure ! I guess I’ll wait until tomorrow and see if it’s moved. It said it would be here by 9pm and it’s 9:16-- it hasn’t updated yet so hopefully it’ll come soon.

Okay, I just sent in a ticket about my package and I’m hoping to hear back from them soon.