Episode should create different body sizes



Body types come in all shapes and forms. Episode should start creating that as well!
It would create a whole other dimension to stories! They already did it for Fat Amy.

Hopefully they’ll release it soon! For male and female characters! :heart:


They really should


Yep, It would be great and even more people will start to download episode (If bugs are fixed too)


Omg yes! They should really do that!


They should definitely!!


Definitely! It would make the stories so much more diverse.


Would they have to create new clothes to fit the different body types then or would it not really change anything :thinking:?


This feature request for implementing new body sizes may be of interest to you all!


I think they would have to. Just like that hidden athletic male body type- the clothes just didn’t fit him and he looked like he was bulging out of everything lol.
While I agree that different body types would be good, since Episode would need to create new clothes for the different types this could probably take a while.


Yes indeed, it would take a lot of work.
But it would show boys and girls that there are more body types that can be beautiful not thin alone! :heart_eyes:


Yes, they should definately do this


Hi Gordon, I think you meant to put “Boys and Girls” not just girls. I know it’s a simple mistake to make but people need to be gender inclusive girls are not the only sex that ends up feeling bad 'bout themselfs. Boys have to live up to sterotypes as well.


I support this 100%! It might be difficult to make a whole new set of clothes for each body type, so I understand why it hasn’t been done yet. But if it’s possible, please Episode team, make it happen.


You are absolutely right! thank you for pointing it out!


Thank you! Yes it would show so much more dept to a story.


Yes, I Totes McGoats support this! Not every female/male has a supermodel like figure that all of the characters in a story seem to have. We humans come in all shapes and sizes - fat, thin, tall, short, etc - exclusively at Earth! MRP not included. No discounts or offers availiable. Contact the Parliaments or Presidents of respectively desired countries for further details.
P.S. I’m not encouraging human buying or selling, guys! (Human trafficking is illegal and downright atrocious!) I just wrote that for dramedy effect in my comment. Take no offense, please!



I agree!


Make sure you support this thread in the feature request side of the forums and we might get to see it happen!


It could be similar to the sims 4 body customizer.


Yes!! Or they could make 4 different body sizes to begin with and work up to that!