Episode Social Media

Hey guys,
I have a question/concern about this. I just finished watching a Joseph Evans video and he points out that there is a built-in Instagram-like social media page that I never knew about in the Episode app itself. Is this real or for certain devices? Tell me what you guys think? I’m curious. :thinking:

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It’s still in beta/hasn’t been rolled out to a lot of people yet. They call it Episode Feed

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Oh ok, so its not on the Episode app yet?


It is for some people, not for others. It’s very weird.
The first time someone noticed it was around this time last year: What is this "Feed" feature and why I don't have it?

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I have it since months both in my phone and tablet (samsung)

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I’ve had it for a while now, it’s been on the app for months

Super weird, I’ve also had it for a long time but I don’t? Ik it’s still in beta and only some people have it for testing, just wish I was in the select few :sweat_smile:

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