Episode speech bubble looks wrong when previewing

Ive started writing a story online and when I preview it, it looks good. When I preview my story through the app on my phone my speech bubbles face the wrong way but I cant seem to fix it, because it looks right on the portal. ( I think portal is what its called where you right the story)

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That sounds weird but I wouldn’t be surprised because sometimes the app has bugs. Maybe that could be the case… I have a quick question though, are you including the placement of the speechbubbles? Like: tail_top_left? Or are you just putting the coordinates?

You did change the speech bubble to the correct way right?

Im not putting any kind of placemnt when i type what someones saying it usually places it in the right spot when I preview it on my laptop, but when I preview it on my phone its facing the wrong way.

No? Do i have to go through every episode and put where the speechbubble should be

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No, but some people change the sizes etc of the speech bubble because sometimes they want it smaller to show the character is whispering. But you don’t have to change it

Yes, only if you want it to be placed at a perfect spot.

Hey guys, this is kindaaaa unrelated, but I can’t seem to start an episode topic…I’m a new user to forums. Does anyone know how? Sorry, I didn’t know how else to ask :smiling_face_with_tear:

You cant create one until you do the tutorial, the create topic button should be there when you log in and if its not you need to finish the tutorial, check your PM’s there might be a tutorial message

Oh yes! TYSM!!! Big help!!!