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During this past Episode meetup in the UK, I saw that the Episode authors/readers that attended it where able to receive Episode merch such as shirts, notebooks, and phone cases that says Episode on it. Therefore, I was wondering if the Episode platform gave out any sponsorship or merch to authors within the community. If this is possible, I would love to find out more information.

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  1. hbd
  2. mmhmm same

I’m interested in this as well. @Jeremy, is there an email that we can use to contact Episode with that isn’t related to support? I would spend spare cash on some notebooks if there is an option to buy.

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Lol I just found these. :joy:

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Wow when did that happen Lol?

I have no clue… :joy:


You bought something?

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Nah, but maybe,… Are u gonna buy something?

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Nah. I will have to ask my parents. And my parents have no idea whatever Episode is. And I doubt they care anyways.

Lol same here

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Yeah it would probably take me ages trying to explain to them what episode is…

Lmao, I can’t buy those stuff anyway…

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Me neither.

And it’s not like completely awesome anyways!

I’m from Serbia and they don’t have it in dinarima

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I hope @Briana_M won’t mind. Lol she did get the answer to her question already right?

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Submitting a ticket with the info would prob be the best way to get in contact with who you would need to speak to regarding this.

Thank you.