Episode Star Galaxy Request Thread {OPEN}




And whoever is Active can Do it




Hey that’s very nice :heart_eyes:
I have only 2 small things to change, if that’s not too much to ask :speak_no_evil:
Can she have a bit of an angry look on her face and look in our direction ? :see_no_evil:


ahem @Gianniwritessss please refrain from requesting from other threads when you requested on EH. I had to delay someone else’s request because I was drawing your pfp.

But to clear up the mood (and not be off-topic) can I request an art scene?


I had asked her first then I thought You weren’t gonna do it Since it’s been Like 2 weeks My mistake Sorry won’t hapopen again


It’s fine. Happy it got resolved.
Sorry to bring this to your thread @Episode.stargalaxy




Hey lonyaa atm i am sorrt but atm i will not be able to Change the edit i am sorry for any inconvenience caused