Episode StarGalaxy Request Thread {OPEN}


Episode StarGalaxy from Instagram @episode.stargalaxy

Were a group of three girls on Instagram who:
Make Profile Pictures
Provide Tips and Tricks fro Editing
Complete Editor Interveiws

Make a Request from the following Link:



We consist of 3








Nice edits!


And btw the link doesn’t work


You have to copy and paste it


There is an issue with linktree rn, we are waiting to see if is going to be fixed it, if not we’ll change the platform :heart:


Hey i have just fixed the link for our page the link fo edit request , proflie picture edits etc is https://lnk.bio/1Sea
Hope this work now :purple_heart:


Hi! Your examples are beautiful. I was just wondering if we can choose a specific artist to make the cover, if not that’s okay I’m just asking.


Yes you can! But all request are to be made on Instagram as arent accepted on here