Episode Starlight Offical request thread (Close to catch up on requests)



Welcome to Episode Starlight’s Official Request Thread! :relaxed:

What is Episode Starlight?

We are a team of aspiring artists hoping to help you guys out in any artistic way we can! We believe that bringing piece and joy to the community is reward enough and we’d love to use our skills and talents in the best way possible. As a family, we can assure you that we will try our very best to stay out of trouble and keep the community a peaceful place.

We are a group of people coming together to show our talents and help people in any way we can. We do story reviews, coding, covers, splashes, banners, watermarks, overlays, art scenes, profile pictures, backgrounds and interviews! We also hold contests all the time just for the sake of it.

Here are some examples of what we do!



1a4911d9f7d5fe4b9c0b10fc0ab4440aa77ad192_1_362x499 image image a0ec7fd8b2b2d2a3ee0480aea9a8197766161f41_1_375x500 77a20e79c774695ccfaaaefb2b7a52d308d00440_1_318x500 9c19065f361ff1109222f4d02ea02bffdbc15873_1_314x500
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More to come in limelight and classic!! :sparkling_heart:



63691a7364fa37eb56a87b8961e7b8898a22e1f5_1_281x500 9667e0b2aa0a338063a74069669eb5d4e0d0b599_1_281x500 34ad040626674227b4d0142d9f97e51f0802df32_1_361x500 49fc2f2c398c891238e274bda1fbb598ded5aaf8_1_281x500 b0839ea3312b3c7ac70990d158f2b6e5753d5439_1_281x500 7be01e023ee3c732b5752d589fcfc3c945c565a5_1_281x500 b0839ea3312b3c7ac70990d158f2b6e5753d5439_1_281x500

More to come soon

Art scene

042645a7b87c9b0a69bdadc97bd29d196b60f224_1_351x500 226ae0580c30d64f5d16b28358c2c4338ea9d09f_1_329x500 e8a20b6644a4aa96e8edf88a99e364ea850fda64_1_280x500 535a7820f9c3f6282be84dbde0b3cb574eb7409b_1_281x500 bf60452e60de12e69d1a2271a66fe38e1ca75cf3_1_280x500 0bf502377249c2c39fd1b50f2f9298b72d7d2a58_1_587x500 3437c1651ae1df3bac2452a3e440ff741191531f_1_566x500 2cf34cc9888e8c3a3472aada491e978f7f1ef550_1_690x459 adfe5d5a1e354b8783734c3252280a1c7b25cb09_1_500x500 4812a583f3299817ed158a41195c23e4e8962d61_1_369x500 4b2c607340393d154c058985db8e1fe5d14d5851_1_281x500 d3709a15df854a4faab50d978c1a6a4aadc21f91_1_362x499 f975f4d60c8eb85eaf824edd5b7346ab025ed846_1_281x500 e9a104e10f657398b9d16c503e04c9b873ce4bb3_1_500x500 f71d922031cac218cd6bdb1430ba9a8e1385f4eb_1_281x500 d393ca10160244db275e636050eae2e45ac492c7_1_500x500 859062ff19ff1a7afce65f35335f9a61b6f58948_1_327x500 ff84fa6ab2d0664420674d23a64dd688221cb419_1_690x408

More to come

Profile pictures


image LR%202 After5 6b49ee85b4d8fab09acd45f42a846f7a7cc3c5e5_1_500x500 ac780c39a9968a4fc03e5f09bbf107d8113bcfcc_1_500x500 993e945d0ed776febbe9b65770a652448f5dac56_1_500x500 2cf34cc9888e8c3a3472aada491e978f7f1ef550_1_690x459 ac780c39a9968a4fc03e5f09bbf107d8113bcfcc_1_500x500 image b35beae55426354188e99db5136366b8a451f067_1_499x499

More to come


e5c4315bde57eff76c93aafe6e0163223722658f_1_266x500 5c9f6c7cd348d7652d74e612fd0725de43e21665_1_281x500 2e8446c470683c0210764aba20f1d6600a89408e_1_690x408
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More to come



More to come


image image 969f5306fdb473bf14dba79aca1bfcf730aaf16c_1_690x172

00%20AM 22%20PM 23%20PM 00%20AM 42%20PM 49%20PM 28%20PM 49%20AM 00%20AM
More to come


49%20PM 19%20PM

Before you start requesting there are rules you have to follow!



  1. Please do not steal our customers, nor advertise your thread or any other thread without our permission!
  2. You must like this post, why? That way if your request get lost in our thread we are able to find your request, also if you don’t know how to do that, just ask us!
  3. If you’re not going to use our art, please do not request as it wastes valuable time which we can use to provide for others.
  4. Please be patient and do not keep asking over and over again when your request will be completed as that may stress out our members, and we care about their health!
  5. You must credit us!
  6. Please stay on topic.
  7. If you have a problem, just PM @Rylie or @Lunar_Rose so we can find a solution peacefully.

Now that we have the examples and rules, it’s time for the requesting forms!


Requesting is simple! Just fill out the form with as much detail as you can and we will try to get your request to you as efficiently as possible.


Drawn or normal:
Text color:
Text style:
Characters (If Any):
Character Details:

Character Edits:

Amount of Characters:
Character Details:
Any text:
If you want text whats the color and style:

Art Scenes:

Amount of Characters:
Character Details:




Author name:
Small or large or Both:
Amount of Characters:
Character Details:

Have a great day, Shiners!

~ Episode.Starlight


HELP, I Need name ideas and cover art!
Sound, to be continued, instagram and warning backgrounds?
Have you got good applications for covers?
Background Editor In Need
Crystal ball overlay needed!
Is anybody taking requests?
Help! I need an artist!
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Cover Art Required for my New Story!
Want an edit like this?
Can anyone make an overlay of this?
I need a background of two house
Cover request anyone?
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Looking for cover artist
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Art request for my second story, please help
Any artists available?
Does anybody need help with art? [CLOSED ETERNALY]
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I need of an art scene for upcoming story
Need edited background asap heeeeelp
I need help with story covers
Need Pictures Made Into Overlays!
Splash artist needed!

Hey could i request a splash? x


Sure send the details

Is anyone taking art cover or art scene requests?

Hello can I request a few things


Put this here! https://forums.episodeinteractive.com/c/creators-discussion/resources


Sure send the details


Ok I’m making a story with a friend so I need splashes , covers and art scenes at the moment


Can you join the group if you can how?


May I request a splash?
If it’s alright with you.




I would like to that a volume splash.
Do I send the details on here or through pm?


Sure send the details


Sure I will get someone to interview you even though you got invited to the chat lol


Hair: Straight, Charoal
Eyes: Round Bold, Blue
Nose: Elven
Skin: Tan
Face: Oval
Eyebrows: Smooth Arch


Screenshot_83.png296x760 89.6 KB

Could it say
“This story contains mature themes and strong language”

Background: street, day
Pose: Just the character smiling and with her hand like, behind her head :slight_smile:
Thank you xx


Can I have the person make my splash that made this

Can it be with this character

The ink one :grin: and can it say “Let’s Start The Story”
Thank you!!!


I need multiple art scenes for my story. Can i request something? If not, that is okay :slight_smile: (I only need one btw. I’m not asking for multiple from you.)


Sure! Send the deets!


So, this is my first day on forum. It won’t let me start a message with anyone for 22 hours.




You can send them here. :blush: