Episode Starlight Offical request thread (Close to catch up on requests)


Haha, all good, I’ll get on to it soon :DD


Is this good? If you want anything changed just ask! :grin:
Credit us and my insta - epy.unique101


@Kamille - Just tagging in case the notif doesn’t go through ^^


thanks love, once again sorry


For @Kamille:
Here’s your beautiful art scene created by @Tirquaz :heart:

Please make sure to give credit to the artist (Tirquaz) as well as the group, Episode Starlight! :relaxed:


Here’s your completed cover with the changes, @Cassie_love :revolving_hearts:


Fixed up the wording and wrote ‘By Mary & Crystle’ instead ^^ Make sure to credit Episode Starlight if you use it :wink:


@Tirquaz I don’t get how art like that is humanly possible! I’m still shook at how amazing that pfp you made for me was…


I’m very flattered :heart::heart::heart::cherry_blossom:
Thank you so much :heart_eyes:


Are you still taking request? (Art scene(s))


Sure! I could do your request!


YAYYAYAYYAYAYAYYAYA So happy over here :grin:


would it be alright if it was done after the twentieth?


Yes, how long after do you think it will be tho?


ummmm idk because I have school and other stuff that i have to work on


Sure if you can get it done in November that would be AMAZINGGG!




can i request a cover?


Sorry, requests are closed at the moment! We’ll be reopening them on a new thread very soon! Would you like to be tagged when we create it? :blush:


Yes please!