Episode Stars - Looking For Members! (APPLY HERE!)



Hello! I am the founder of Episode Stars, a group on the Episode Forums & Instagram & Twitter community.

I recently founded this group to not only make art, do story reviews and give directing tips but to chat and make new friends! Episode Stars is seeking episodians who love Episode as much as we do to join us!

Why are we called Episode Stars?

Stars shine bright in the sky even though there are millions of others. Stars for us, means that you can still shine bright with others!

What If Iโ€™m in another Episode group?

Not to fear! Youโ€™re allowed to be in another group! If youโ€™re in another group, you can still join. You still have to be active though.

What If Iโ€™m bad at art or I donโ€™t like it?

If you want to learn art, just ask! There are many wonderful apps to help! If you donโ€™t like art, you can do story reviews or directing tips!

Want to apply? Click here!

Claire, founder of Episode Stars :star2:


I just applied!


Thank you!


Midst sent in the application!:grin:




@Mimi0829 @Briana_M @Oliviaks1 you all are accepted!


Yayyyy thanks a lot!


Thank you :heart:


No problem :revolving_hearts:


I applied


@Helpieme you are accepted!


HELL yah is there any like group chat on discord or something


I invited you to our chat :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:


I applied. Hope to hear from you soon. :smile:


Sent an application! :heart:


Awesome, thanks guysโ€ฆ


@Episode.BriarRose, @Aprill and @epi.alyssaa you are accepted! @Devyn.Episodes maybe Iโ€™m not sure. You selected โ€œI donโ€™t make artโ€ but also selected splashes and covers.


I join


Please use the google form.


Iโ€™m filling it out