Episode Stars Official Thread! -OPEN-

Welcome to the Official Request Thread Of Episode Stars!

Hello, hello! We got you all covered!

Joining Us!

Want to join us? Check out our “We Love Getting New Members!” thread! Just search up Episode Stars! We always accept new people!


We will have FAQ going live on our story in Instagram thanks to our wonderful Instagram Page Handler (also CO-PREZ) @epi.alyssaa!

Episode Stars Newspaper

We are organizing a newspaper which will come out every week! Let us know in the comments if you want to be tagged or simply check out this topic every day! It will include; News About Episode Stars, Interviews With Authors/Artists, Tutorials, News About Episode and Games!

Contest Announcements

We will host art/writing contests every month! We will announce them here!


We do:
:star2: Covers
:star2: Splashes
:star2: Character Edits
:star2: Background Edits
:star2: Profile Pictures
:star2: Special Art Scenes
:star2: Doodles
:star2: Banners
:star2: Story Reviews
:star2: Directing Help
Request below!


If you have any questions, PM us or ask us below!

Our Instagram is: @episode.starss

Have a great day!


The group page is so nice and neat!


Wow I must say you did a good job better than my group could

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Thank you! I have to say I got inspiration from @EpisodeStudio but thank you!


I feel so inspared now

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Thank you Mimi!

Also my group also host a contest every month

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That’s cool!

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Are you sure? A contest would’ve been announced already…?

(no shade or anything but still.)

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Thank you for deleting them. Yes, I have been part of many drama with other groups but i’m sure Episode Stars won’t cause any!

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Were working on it and it hasnt been a month since the group started were gonna make one on aguast



hi. i am looking for an art scene. is there examples? :blush:

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We are temporarily closing due to some issues…please check someone else’s thread. Sorry!

Sorry I love this group, but I have to leave I don’t think there is much to do anymore. Hope your undestand!
Best of luck!


I understand, Es is shutting down.

@Jeremy @Sydney_H please close

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Topic closed by OP request. :wink:

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