Episode-stop "romanticizing" things

At the start of this year, I joined EPISODE wanting to write a quick story and getting to be lazy and just having moving characters do stuff on screen while still having a compelling storyline and whatever.
What I got was basically edgy preteen trash. So eventually, I fed up and sort of semi-left EPISODE for a break, wanting to wait and see if all this trash gets sorted out or gets better in any way.
Spoiler: It didn’t.

So I’ve decided to do the millennial thing and write a post about it.

Both literally and figuratively!

For those who don’t know what ‘romanticizing’ is, its basically writer’s term for ‘making light of a situation that isn’t supposed to be made light of’, a great example is murder.
“Oh damn! He just was murdered in front of me! Oh well, now I’ll start a murderous rampage for no reason whatsoever except for the plot!” - Is a lot of writing nowadays.

“But Res!” You say, “I would NEVER do something like that!”
Listen, everyone does at some point (don’t lie fellow authors, don’t worry I’m a victim of this horrible story writing too), but you fricken learn NOT TO DO IT. Not only does it make for horrible story writing and impacts the reader’s view of an author, it is INCREDIBLY disrespectful towards deceased ones and those who have had a lost one die.

Anyway, back on track.
I’m always seeing stupid ‘bad boy’ stories and ‘step-sibling’ relationships where, even though it is VERY wrong, the main character gets no repercussions whatsoever!
Let me tell you what a real ‘bad boy’ is.

They’re people who do drugs, illegal or not, most likely break the law on a frequent basis, and are generally people you can’t just ‘turn around’ with a nice girl who had ‘just moved into town’ with no friends. Believe me, I’ve been in a relationship with a ‘bad boy/girl’, and, not surprisingly, it was abusive.
But apparently, in the world of perfect Mary Sues and obligatory love triangles, these problems don’t exist.

And the whole step-sibling thing? For one: gross! This is literally someone who is entering into your family and basically becomes blood! These stories are mostly written by people who don’t have a step-sibling, well, coming from a person who has MULTIPLE step-siblings and half-siblings, I can tell you, just gross.
If you can imagine making out with your existing brother/uncle, then DON’T ASSUME YOUR CHARACTER WOULD WANT TO EITHER.
ESPECIALLY if they’re made in your image, which they mostly are.
I might make another post about ‘character abuse’ later on.

Now hold on, the whole point of this isn’t to actually shame people who DO choose to put this stuff into their stories, (even though I’ve only read one story about relation between siblings and that was fricken Ouran Host Highschool Club) it is, in the end, the author’s choice what to do with their creation.


DO NOT put Mary Sues and the whole ‘life is perfect no matter what’!
DO NOT make light of heavy situations (ei. abusive relationships, drugs, murder, ANY illegal activity)
ALWAYS have repercussions of actions, ESPECIALLY illegal ones!
AND NEVER I MEAN NEVER romanticize dare to say that just because your main character is the main character, they’re perfect, NO ONE IS FRICKEN PERFECT, and that WHATEVER action they have is therefore perfect.

We as writers have a job not only to tell stories, but to pass on a message.

Make sure it is the right message.

I’m going to bed now, night.


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