Episode stories don't play music anymore!


Hey guys, so I got a phone call while on my episode app and after I hung up there was no more music to my story. The sounds still plays but the music doesn’t. Has this happened to anyone else? Any suggestions? (I restarted my phone and redownloded the app multiple times already) :((


Its the app itself, it glitched. Music will still play even though it glitches.


This happens to me, like she’s mentioned, it’s a glitch, I’d just go off the app and wait a while, then go back on it, no need to delete and re-download it :heart:


I used to get this a lot! Sometimes it used to be just for a certain chapter and then when the chapter finishes, the next one will go back to having the music. Try that first but if it doesn’t then try uninstalling the entire app and then installing it again. That should fix it. :wink:

If you still have no luck despite following these instructions, you can contact Episode directly at the website that I’ve linked below.


I hope this helps! :relaxed:

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This was happening to me a lot recently. I submitted a support ticket, but the response was just, “raise the volume on your phone” as though I didn’t know what I was talking about. :unamused: Eventually it went back to normal on its own. I hope yours does too!


Is happening to me too for three days already, nothing is solving my problem, I filed multiple tickets in hopes they will fix this glitch.

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No sh*t sherlock :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yeah, I was somewhat insulted, not gonna lie.


I would be too.


I have this happen to me all the time, mainly when working on my own story. Sometimes the music “time” may run out like when using short music etc. But if nothing else works you could always contact the episode team and they could take a look at it.

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If you type music + whatever sound you want to play, it will never finish unless you type music off. The only way it will finish on its own is if sound command is used.

I’ve contacted the support team, and they told me that it’s a glitch they’re currently trying to fix. Hopefully, it won’t take long because for me as a reader, and as a writer, this whole experience is really bad.


Well, that’s good to know. I contacted them last week, and they said, “there aren’t many sounds in Episode. If tapping your volume buttons while you are using the app doesn’t cause any sounds, then it is possible you are on a part of the story without sound,” which indicates they either didn’t even read my message or just assumed I have a few dusty old keyboard keys instead of a brain.


Like trust me, the first answer I got was something close to this:

They gave me a list of things I should check (if my app is updated, try running episode on mobile data instead of wifi, etc…), and after all of this, I got “reinstalling the app should fix the problem”. But no, I wrote one more time explaining the situation, and only then (from another staff member) got a reply that it’s a glitch.

Need to fight for replies, man :weary:


I thought about responding, but I was too annoyed and figured I’d have as much success just accepting it was broken. :sweat_smile: