Episode Stories Rant!



I’ve been having huge problem with episode stories lately, I thought I could express my opinion here:

MY #1 PROBLEM are the teacher/student stories!
For example,
“Keeping Him Tight”
“The Teacher”
“Forbidden Chemistry”
“Pregnant By My Student”
“Deepest Desires”

They truly disgust me, it is NOT ok to have a sexual relationship with your teacher. It’s illegal! I hope you guys don’t think it’s okay to do this, some people think “Oh, this is such a cute story!1!” Imagine one of your friends having a sexual relationship with their teacher I am sure you would be disgusted, I would be for sure I don’t need that type of crud in my life. I don’t think anyone should support teacher/student relationships.
“The Teacher” is the story that makes me feel most disgusted because of how blind the character is, they LITERALLY think it’s okay too continue their relationship with the teacher even though I am sure they have been educated to not interact with a teacher in that form, they even start to swoon over the teacher/prof which I can’t really understand. I think it should stop, but it just keeps on coming as if it’s okay to write a story that SUPPORTS it, especially for the younger readers they’re going to be influenced by all of these stories and they’ll think it’s okay to do "things with your teacher. I am sorry but in my opinion this has to stop, it just needs too.

  • I think that these stories are really fun to read, I support them!
  • I agree, I think the stories need to be stopped.

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I agree 100%. Those stories are honestly disgusting and shouldn’t be shown as good or fetishized. Those are very bad and sensitive topics that really should not be portrayed in that way. Nasty :nauseated_face:


I agree too. But there is one time that I support a teacher and student relationship. It was when the two of them dated as students then the guy graduated first. Eventually, he became her teacher. The teachers support their relationship though. And when the girl graduated he proposed to her in front of everyone on her graduation day. Everyone was happy for them. It isnt an episode story. This happened in real life.


The only way I can describe my feelings about those kind of stories is: :nauseated_face::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:


This isn’t really a hot take, babe, there are plenty of threads already expressing this opinion ten times over and there have been for awhile. Although I agree and have expressed almost the exact same opinion before it seems Episode doesn’t give a shit and neither do the people who read and write these stories, I also don’t believe in telling people what they can and cannot write whether I agree with the content or not. I guess I just don’t see a solution, the audience decides what is popular and Episode readers have decided they like these kind of stories. At this point I think it might be more productive to have a discussion with the people who like these stories and delve into the why than it is to rant about not liking them.


Which is why I said it’s my opinion that people shouldn’t make these stories I’m not telling people that they can’t I just think they shouldn’t.


I 100% agree on this. Teacher and a student relationship? Come on. You included many of A. Roxi’s stories, which I just noticed. :laughing: A teacher with a student is illegal, plus it can cause serious consequences. Why would you date a teacher? See, this is what I’m talking about. These type of stories are really cliche and I find it quite annoying. I want more to it, not just a teacher and a student relationship. Then, there are authors that have the student or teacher becomes pregnant. UGHHHHHHHHHHHH. That’s it. I am grabbing a sign and I’m naming the person doing that “a cliche writer”

Moving on…if I see an author writing a story that the student becomes pregnant. Well then. -1/5 stars for them. How can people love a story like that?! Do you know the consequences?! It’s illegal! The teacher can be arrested, fyi. My problem with those stories is that authors don’t include a message. Like “Please don’t do this, you can be arrested, blah blah.” I would like it if the teacher OR the student gets arrested. That will be alright. “The Teacher” was a nice story, I don’t know about “Keeping Him Tight.” Ugh, just the title makes me puke in my mouth. :nauseated_face:

I apologize about my long review about this topic, but this is reminding me of “…In My Bed!” Etc. It has illegal stuff to it and the authors need to point it out. If you are a person that likes those stories, just beware of the consequences.

My point is…



I wasn’t accusing you of anything, I was just making it clear I’m not the kind of person that believes it’s my place to tell people what they should or shouldn’t write or read. I’ve seen a lot of conversations about this topic devolve into somewhat of a mob mentality and it makes me uneasy, especially considering how easy can be to slip into an aggressive “I’m right, you’re wrong” mentality and alienate the people who do like these stories and maybe have a different perspective to share on the subject. I accidentally read The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty when I was maybe 11 or 12 (around the target Episode demographic), I loved Anne Rice and thought it had to be about vampires in fairytales, it was BDSM erotica originally written under her pen name. Wholly inappropriate and not something I would have sought out on my own but it was interesting and scandalous and I felt like a grown up reading it, I didn’t want any of the things that happened in the book to ever happen to. me, but I enjoyed it and I don’t think it gave me some kind of complex or confusion about consent, or abuse, or respect in a relationship. Maybe the solution is in finding out why people like these stories, or maybe the people who read stories like this don’t see them the way you and I do. Either way I think it’s much more productive at this point to open up a discussion rather than reiterating what everyone else has been saying for awhile now or leaving it vaguely at “this needs to stop”.


I just think the whole idea becoming so popular on Episodes comes from this misconception about romance writing. A teacher/student relationship is not an equal power relationship, and most of the time the teacher is the guy and the student is the girl. I think this sheds light on how people are writing stories, even ones like these, that put an unfair advantage on the male who has a power over their “partner.” I think these stories are putting an image inside readers head about the roles in a relationship and putting out a definition of romance that isn’t what romance should be. Just something to think about.


I completely understand your opinion! but there are some stories where the roles are switched, I know one of the stories is called ‘Pregnant By My Student’ I think :thinking::grin:

But I am in the same boat with the romance thing, it is absolutely disgusting :nauseated_face:


im happy no one chose the other option.


aHAH, I think someone did at the beginning when I saw the thread but they must’ve changed it XD~


RIP that was me :sob: I chose the wrong option by accident.


can I rant about main damn love interest telling the MC they don’t love them ?!?!?!??!?!?!
YET they do NOTHING the whole story, but prove they love them?!


LMAO all good XD


All I have to say about these kind of stories is:

NO. JUST NO. These stories make it seem as if this is NORMAL, (which it definitely is not).
It’s illegal, can get you expelled, sued and so on. Just… wHYYY?

Sorry, it’s pretty late and I can’t English at the moment so there’s my little reply heh~


I honestly think this could be harmful to some viewers to be honest, a majority of the Episode community is young teenage girls, if they read content like this it could influence them into thinking this type of stuff is OK.
With the world we live in today, there are some sick ass people who love to take advantage of younger kids, at my local high school THREE teachers in ONE year got sent to jail for a student/teacher sexual relationship.
While I completely respect the authors, (because they put A LOT of time and effort into their stories) I do think it would be wise if they put a disclaimer warning readers that having a relationship with your teacher is WRONG, because when I was a young teenage girl I had raging hormones and reading a story like this can really send the wrong message…


Realistically, it is unacceptable and profoundly unprofessional to have a relationship with a student. Seeing a teacher call a girl 10 years his junior hot was enough to make me want to throw up my breakfast, mate :joy:

I’ll be honest when I see funky titles and descriptions like that I inwardly cringe haha


However, each to their own? Lol rip all I know is that these plots are madly popular.


The only way I’ll legally allow teacher-student relationships is the college ones. Both partners are above 18, so it’s legally allowed. Although morally, I believe that the teacher is actually never in love with the student, especially if the teacher is divorced, they are looking for something new and fresh.

The student probably has Electra Complex. taking advantage of someone with a mental illness is not cool. :neutral_face: