Episode Stories Rant!


Even tho, I would like to tell her “why are you doing this?” And basically rant about that story, her 10 year old readers are going to start talking trash about me. I would do it, but at the same I rather not.


I think it’s actually about your mom’s new bf’s son who is your teacher and love interest, which kinda means the Li is not only a teacher, he’s a soon to be step brother if all works out :joy:
But then again it’s her style of writing, and she works hard BUT imo she really needs to disclaim that these sort of teacher/student relationships aren’t something you should think of pursuing in real life. :thinking:


Yeah, but I really don’t like it. Falling in love with a tutor? Eh. I just hope they actually don’t get in a relationship. Considering that her mom is dating the tutor’s father. I would read it if they don’t get in a relationship and nothing special happens between them. Plus, I would be really disappointed, if the mom is like “oh you know, i’m break up with my boyfriend so you can date him.”


But, if they do get into a relationship. Welp.


Like, her stories are alright. I ain’t hating on her, it’s just that her stories don’t have a “feeling” to make me continue reading. Everyone is different. I agree with you @Jadlyss . It’s really confusing and a bit overwhelming.


For sure! Every author attracts a variety of readers, but from my stand point , I just don’t think these topics are appropriate for young girls to read without a disclaimer, especially when you know that you’re someone with a big audience count, you know?
A. Roxi definitely busted her butt and spent a lot of hard work to get where she is now, I don’t doubt that AT ALL.
And like you said, everyone is different, I just hope that people don’t take actions to these type of teacher/student romance. Girl or Boy!


The :tea:. :laughing:


I’ve made it seem a little less shady, busting her butt doesn’t seem too…good of a phrase lmfao :joy:
I swear I’m not roasting her, just stating my opinion :cat2:


No no no, I agree with you!


I’m pretty sure that if the boss/worker or teacher/son “relationship” themes in Roxi’s stories aren’t enough to repel a person, the Heat Inside which is about the STEPFATHER and his DAUGHTER should.

I feel like many writers would think twice before writing such problematic stories if the teacher/stepfather/pedophiles/creeps weren’t young and attractive. Hell, I’ve seen this one message on Roxie’s fanmail where it was justified that the relationship was okay because the stepfather was young/goodlooking.


You know what I say to that?

wtf ew


Tbh I just am put off my inappropiate relationships now, my stanky ass loved reading all that dumb crap when I was younger, but I knew it was wrong and disgusting, like my reaction was damn this is bad but I just wanna read on lol - like have any of you stopped checking trending?

I just read stories people recommend, on recommended shelves of other users and stories I loved reviewing


I agree completley, unfortunately it’s not only episode though and they are broadcasted all over the media, for example the show pll had a student teacher relationship and it was one of the main relationships in the show. I just agree with you, I don’t like stories like that.