Episode stories that I enjoyed

Okay everybody, here’s the list of the Episode stories I have read or currently reading so feel free to talk about your favourites :smiley:

Revenge On The Bullies by Leyla Lola
Envy by Cindy Gaultier
Mei by Manna
Annabelle and The Dark Prince by Nis
Golden Girl and Becoming Queen Bee by Bronte
Admit One by Simbellious
The Day I Died: A Paper By Talia Sloan by M Jordan
Sandy & Her Quadruplets by RJ14
I Will Always Find You by Maria Story Writter
Ghostwriter, Hit & Run and Maternal Instinct by Elise C
Maneater and Mommy’s Boy by Kenia
Rosehaven by AJ Nicole
Karma Kills by Harper Star
Brozoned by Mette M Peleikis
The Disappearance of Olivia Thatcher by Ana Stacy


I like Brozoned! It’s my fav story by Mette!

Can you explain the plot of

They seem interesting, I’d love to read :slightly_smiling_face:

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@ELx Brozoned was awesome as hell. It reminded me of the movie She’s The Man

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I agree! I hope Mette comes up with something like that again. I was really sad when she discontinued The Dragon’s Tail. I like her writing but romance isn’t my thing much so I can’t read other stories

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Thank you :smiley:

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@ELx I know right. BroZoned was badass (not sure if Episode community may ask me to censor the word) I really love the art scene in it too. Oh which guy did you think is cute in the band? I liked Blake. Yeah, I’m not really big on the romance thing either. Though these situations happen in real life, it’s just that I don’t want situations like that to jinx my life. The Teacher was okay, it was just confusing as hell.

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You don’t have to censor it, just don’t overuse it since there are people who are 13. :slightly_smiling_face:

Blake was my fave! Honestly he was such a cutie since the beginning and learning his secret broke my heart.

I couldn’t get into The Teacher, but I like The Enchantress.

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@EliseC You’re welcome, girly. I can’t wait to read the next seasons for Hit & Run and the prequel for Maternal Instinct.

I got a question to ask you. Would you be writing the next two seasons of Hit & Run separately or will it be after the bonus chapter (episode 6)? I’m very confused. But don’t worry, once you update Maternal Instinct (Cinematic edition), I’ll definitely be looking forward. I need to finish off CyberStalker! Keep up the good work!! :smiley:

Thank you :smiley:
I’ll actually be doing both- I’ll be adding seasons 2 and 3 to the original book (since the gem version will act as the “stand alone” season 1) then I’ll be releasing seasons 2 and 3 separately eventually. Due to the line limit, I can only continue on from ending A.
Each season will be released complete :slight_smile:

I should be finishing the cinematic Maternal Instincts this week :D. I cannot wait to move onto something else haha.

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@ELx Oh that’s alright then :slight_smile:

OMG I know right, that was so sad :frowning: Blake is definitely a cutie! What ending did you get in BroZoned?

Yeah, I feel like there was something off with The Teacher tbh. I’m not really into these typical teenage drama where it’s all about the cheating, rebounds, hooking up with random guys and stuff. I need to finish off The Enchantress. Thank you for bringing that up! I heard it was really good but I’m sad that I can’t use the gem options since I can’t afford it.

It’s been so long since I read it… I don’t even remember it :cold_sweat: Well I was thinking of rereading most stories anyway, better start with Brozoned :rofl:

The Enchantress is her second best work for me. (if we don’t count The Dragon’s Tail) I tried reading the LL version of The Teacher but it’s really long and I’m not a fond of drama either. Maybe that’s why we couldn’t read.

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@EliseC You’re welcome :smiley:

Oh I see now. I guess it will all be on the same book meaning I will have to find out what happens in the next season (I’m gonna have to play the whole story again to get Kelsie alive :sob: )

Maternal Instincts was definitely an awesome story. I had to play the game twice to get the good ending where nobody dies haha

But anyway good luck with the work!

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@ELx I didn’t see your question about explaining the plot for the stories I have mentioned in my favourite list.

The Day I Died: A Paper by Talia Sloan is set in the UK. The story is about a girl named Talia Sloan who died on the night of Halloween and you play as the detective in the story to find out who killed Talia Sloan. The story isn’t finished yet but it is a very good story so far. Might need to ask the author on how many episodes.

I Will Always Find You is a psychological horror story. It’s about a girl named Linda who was kidnapped by some man (though the description of the episode did not say how she got kidnapped and what was the purpose though I assumed that she was taken for sex slavery judging by the cover) though the first episode is a trailer, you start the episode off in episode 2. It’s still going but I will have to ask the author on when it will be completely finished. When you read the story, you will see the flashbacks about Linda on what she was like and something like that. I’ll let you find out yourself. Let me know what you think of these stories after you give them a shot :smiley:

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Both sound interesting, thank you for explaining! I’ll read them once I get the chance :wink:

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@ELx Haha thanks for reminding me to read The Enchantress anyway. I might re-read BroZoned again.

Yeah, too much drama can cause a headache sometimes unless the plot is intense

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@ELx haha you’re welcome, chick

Hopefully you will enjoy them :slight_smile: good thing Episode sometimes let you customise your character to make it look like you though when a story has LGBT options, I have to make sure they give me the option to pick that I am interested in men. But we won’t argue about LBGT options here because that’s not my business hehe.

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There’s going to be six episodes in total. Thank you for recommending my story :blush: I’m so happy you’re enjoying it :grin:

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The author has been summoned hehe

You are welcome :slight_smile: I can’t wait to finish the story off and find out who actually killed Talia Sloan. I love a good mystery :smiley:

Haha well not long to wait! :blush:
I’m curious though who do you think did it so far? :smirk:

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@M.jordan Yaaaay! I can’t wait to finish it off. I also love how the story is set in the UK since there’s not many stories on Episode that are set in the UK. I reckon it’s either the teacher or one of the girls who killed Talia Sloan. But we shall find out soon.