Episode Stories That You Want Me To Read


Hi guys! I love episode stories. I love reading new ones so if you’re an author who wants me to read their stories and give them my thoughts. Please feel free to comment below & I can contact you through direct messaging with any questions or comments I have about the story!:).


Username: (forums: @queenkhadijah999)

Author Name: Khadijah O. (or KAO027)

Story Title: Small Town Secrets

Genre: Drama

Description: You live in Redville with your foster mom peacefully - until a piece of paper is found in your bedroom and an unnamed person is trying to make your life miserable.

LINK http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5866963191595008


Tittle: H & V: From Zero to Hero
Author: Dr.Smile
Description: Jax is the disabled loser of Mediocreopolis High, but one odd day, his life is completely transformed by a–burrito?! Drama, choices, romance, evil, deception, and action await.
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4697049362202624


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Hi. I’d love if you’d read my story!! :heart:

~Story Details~

Title: Soccer Moms: Blast to the Future
Author: Winter05 with Episode Royalty
Style: INK
Genre: Drama
Description: All it takes is one shot to change your whole life. Win or lose, nothing will ever be the same. [INK]
Instagram: @winter05.episode

Feel free to leave fanmail. :wink:

Winter :snowflake:


Hey! I would love some more feedback on my story.

Title: Reformed
Author: Cordelia M
Description: Reformed bad girl falls in love with bad boy who reminds her of her past - cliche, right? But what if Violet isn’t truly reformed? What if she’s secretly still badder than Carter’s ever been?
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4696324662099968

Thanks! :yellow_heart:


Thanks for all the people sending me your stories! I’ve read all of them a little bit and when I fully read them all, I’ll send you all my thoughts! And I’m really enjoying them! :slight_smile: you guys are amazing writers!!! @queenkhadijah999 @CordeliaM @WinterMoon05 @Dr.Smile07


Story: Diary of a Middle School Teacher
Author: Marianna Escalante
Style: Limelight
Genre: Comedy
Description: Mia moves to her uncle’s hacienda in Mexico to teach middle school, but an old crush, two mysterious families, and her students complicate everything.
Instagram: @episodemarianna


I’ll read it soon & give you feedback when I’ve read at least a few episodes :slight_smile: thank you so much.


Thank you so much!


Of course! I love reading stories & everyone I’ve read so far I’ve been a fan of.


Do you read all styles?
If so, please check out my story, “Tanya’s Imaginary Friend”. The story is in both classic and ink and could use some more reads.


Yeah I’m absolutely up for either! I’ll check it out soon :slight_smile:


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