Episode Stories with likable love interests?

Honestly I am so freaking tired of everytime I read a romance story, the love interest is just straight up unlikable. Any recommendations on stories where you actually can fall in love (or not feel annoyance) with the specific other, and the mc just doesn’t jump on him?

EDIT: To be more specific -I would like some Nice characters,with emotions. No unemotional characters or bad boys


Four Kingdoms
Girl In Manhattan
The Shaw Brothers
Read the stories full…u will slowly fall for the character. I fell from them so hard that I cried during the hard times of the story. Be sure to tell me whom do u fall in love from Eclipsis :kissing_heart:


read adrenaline, nick is one of my favorite love interests that i have read about ever in this app :heart_eyes:


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Gonna check them out :+1:t2:

Eclipsis - As I have already read some chapters by the story, I got a good impression on the love interest(s). Through, from what I have read, the story didn’t really catch me at all. It felt very long stretched and a tat boring. But yeah that’s just purely subjective. And honestly I don’t even know how they will react when they find out she is a girl, so it might be to soon to judge them as love interests


Eclipsis is without a doubt my favorite story on the app. The character development is so amazing.
I chose Hank as my love interest.


Okay, I’m going to recommend a story someone keeps posting about, and it’s called Shape Shifting Madness. I read enough to see that there are three love interests with three different views on love, but they’re all like able.

The love interests in my story are likeable characters :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, a reviewer once told me that my LI was insensitive and that the reviewer didn’t like him because of it, and when I went back and read the chapter where he first appears, he was. Context: He was angry at his dad for trying to make him change his plans. So I went back and edited it to make him more sensitive to the situation.
At first he might appear a bit distant (never rude or hateful, just aloof), but it doesn’t take long for him to begin showing his sweet side. There’s even a scene in chapter 5 where the MC is thinking, ‘Why are girls so into bad boys? Sweet boys are so much more attractive!’


U just read on…soon u will fall in love… seriously. At the beginning u may not like it but as the story progresses it will find it more and more interesting. So many plot twists, amazing directing, well character development…really a story like Eclipsis is hard to find.

@luciaricci Hank is also my love interest. :heart_eyes:

Mine, I guess. Well, it’s more of a he has a crush on her but won’t tell her because he doesn’t feel good enough. Read it at your own risk but note that my MC is NOT a bad boy.
Tittle: From Zero to Hero
Author: Dr.Smile
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4697049362202624

Tbh I don’t recommend Adrenaline if you’re looking for a good love interest for the Mc. You barely get to have time with the them and when you do it’s always romantic and you really don’t get time to know them. But that author does has a story called “Fine line” and I recommend that one for what you’re looking for. I also recommend Rebounding with Storm , 21 dates , and faking death. You actually see the relationships flourish and all the mushy fun stuff


For a story with likable love interests, you should check out Speak by J. Miley
The male MC is hot and very likeable. He’s like my idea of the perfect man.


I know right…
Eclipsis is one of my favorite stories on episode… Even I choose Hank as my Love Interest…
But I don’t really think there was choice to choose between William and Hank (not spoiling the story)… Sorry if there was I don’t remember…
Oh… and I recommend Rebounding with bad I literally love that story I guess there are two Love interests so far (you never know there might be someone emerging in between) … I won’t tell the story go read it…


He’s just a normal boy (not a bad boy, mafia leader etc.) who falls in love with the MC. The love interest isn’t rude or cold to the MC, he is actually very nice to her. You should read this story! It has likeable characters and the MC isn’t annoying af.

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You can try my two stories.

  1. From The Other Side Series. The love interest is a good guy.
  2. Winter Wonderland: Winter’s Touch.

Okay, hear me out. I know you said no bad boys (I agree, I hate bad boys) but this story is about a bad girl (you). He can’t tame me by Meila Summers is probably one of the best episodes on the app. The main love interest is the school’s golden boy, as well as two other possible characters. Her directing is awesome and her writing is so emotional, she covers so many issues in the story. I’ve read all her work, I’d definitely give it a try.


i feel like im starting to dislike that one

cliches r annoying n grammar mistakes :frowning:

what grammar mistakes? :thinking: