Episode stories!


Hey! Episode is one of my ABSOLUTE favourite games. My top 5 stories are:
~The Teacher
~Apartment 143
~Somewhere Along The Way
What are your favourite stories? I’d love to know and give them a read :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


-Chained Reaction
-It’s just an illusion
-Dripping Mascara
-The secret of rain


I haven’t read ANY of them stories!! I’ll have to give them a read :wink:


My favourite stories, hmm…
Well here’s some I can tell for sure are amazing…
Chain Reaction Series
It’s just an illusion series
The Blacksmith
Write My Story
Playing For Keeps (LadyDianna Version)


im reading like 50 stories rn but i love The teacher and BroZone


I have read Playing For Keeps and enjoy it however my IPhone crashed and it reset the majority of my stories :frowning:


Bad Luck :confused:


Oh I hate that so much! Episode needs to do like a backup automatically thing


My fav are…
-Dripping Mascara
-Love and Dance
-The Dare
-The Badder The Better


My fave stories are stuff with gangs/Mysteries/murder/crime, or a story with a bad @$$ female in it!


YESSSS! 100% :grinning:


I will have to give a few of these a read! :smile:


You should definitely read Adrenaline, MORTE, or Life Behind Bars. They are all amazing stories to do with gangs/mysteries/murder/crime :grin:


-The Ruby Tiara
-Wings Of Light (Complex but story but good directing / story plot)


~Chain Reaction
~It’s just an illusion


I love Miss Mj stories too😂


Mine are …

  • Meet you at home
  • A six string romance
  • Blake
  • Adrenaline
  • Knockout
  • My episode lover
  • His heart
  • Dirty sexy teenagers
  • The new girl
  • pretty woman
  • beyond the stage
    I could go on for days :joy:


The Snow Queen
Mapping the Mind
Duemadiri VN


I LOVE Dead 7, its such a good story!


YES! I’ll definitely need to read these!