Episode story based on a witch who raised her sisters daughter and tells her werewolf’s are not real

Does anybody know of the story where the girl is raised by her aunty to keep her safe and she is unaware of supernatural beings where her aunty is a witch but a werewolf keeps appearing every night she talks to it and cuddles with it and and she tells her friends what’s she has been seeing but they keep telling her it’s not real to hide the fact that they are werewolves and on that same night they find out she is also the moon goddess but I don’t remember the girl name who doesn’t like her but she uses wolfbane in a cave and ties her up and now her mate has gone to look for her because she is missing
Its a supernatural story if anyone remembers or knows what’s it’s called please tell me


I think we’re talking about the same story because I am also trying to look for the store that you were describing if that’s the one you’re describing but I’m going to describe in my way a girl was living with her aunt being raised by her because she never knew her true parents when they are one day they finally sat down and talked to her about parents and that her mom gave her to her aunt when they were in a battle battle because they were Alphas werewolf and the person who was trying to kill them wanting her mother the dad was not having it so they fought back he killed the mother who killed the father before he killed the mother the mother had time to escape and give the child to her aunt years later the girl was 18 she still live with the heart and that after that she wanted the truth about who she really is she decided to pack up and go find her own people she just wanted to go see who she’s really fit in with some and people in a bakery store or grocery store I think or somewhere and she said you don’t have to be scared I know you’re a wolf I am to be like a little scared at that moment she thought they were going to get offended by that kick her out but they didn’t they let her to somebody who turned out to be a family member of hers the family member that I spend the night and then later that was a boy who wanted to be her best friend we became friends and learned a lot about each other but then the next morning he woke her up and said there are donuts she ran in the kitchen and saw there was no Donuts he said he tricked her she tackled him then in the kitchen there are three men I think one of the name just kept staring at her she was staring back what is later when it was time for her to find her mate she went to this club in the same guy that was in kitchen staring at her was her mate there was a girl all over him touch my mate