Episode story clichés


Soooooo I’ve seen threads like this, but I’m gonna do one anyway :joy:

Comment some Episode story clichés below! I just wanted to see what your opinions were. You can mention story titles, MC & LI personalities, plot lines, dialogue, and all that good stuff. Thanks for sharing your opinions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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MC ending up pregnant in more than 731686186 stories.

like, why they complaining about over-population, global warming etc when they make stories like that?


omg right??! we’ve all seen those “Pregnant with _______” stories.


Don’t even get me started on Mafia leaders and gangsters. We have more criminals than do-gooders in the Episode World!


i agree! but i don’t mind a few stories like that once in a while, as long as the plot of the story makes sense


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haha yeah. but i also believe it’s not vampires in itself that’s overused, i think it’s the fact that so many authors use the same kind of plot in their stories that just make it more cliche?

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Um, sorry to interrupt but I legit already made a thread on this like 2 minutes ago

oop i was not aware, sorry :grimacing:

Married to a Millionaire or a Billionaire LOL

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Sometimes i hate how women are portrayed… they’re either super bitter towards men or waay too timid - like I’m not terrified of a man looking at me. I also hate how some characters are literally always crying like woman up you only knew him for a week let it go! And no I’m not crying bc you called me out on something terrible i did and I’m definitely not crying if we’re not together and you’re still doing you. And don’t get me started on the i thought i caught you cheating but really it was all a misunderstanding i don’t know about because instead of confronting you i ran away and haven’t answered your calls for 3 months but don’t worry I’m still crying everyday :roll_eyes:

One last thing lol i hate the super toxic/problematic best friend like no it’s not okay for you to have no direction in life and when I’m wrong it’s cute at first to talk crap but seriously set me straight if I’m standing in my own way

And when the MC is jealous of some random girl even though i made my character hella fine like no she’s not cuter


oh my gosh you really hit the prime points of ultimate CLICHE! i really do hate it when the female mc is portrayed as weak, like even i have more guts than she does and i can be HELLA awkward. it gets tiring ya know?