Episode story ideas?

Hey guys :wave:t5:

So I was thinking and I was wondering if it would be a good idea if I could turn songs into stories. Like take a song and add characters that relate to the song and make it a story.

Anyways just an idea but lemme know what you think :thinking:



That would be amazing and so cool! I would totally read that! :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

As you might be able to tell I LOVE music. :joy:


Thanks so much!! I would love to do it!


I’ve tried that a few times, mostly with DC (not the superhero franchise, a song which I shortened the name to).

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How did it go?


I’m working on it on Wattpad.

It’s turning out well.

(That’s the song)

That’s good!

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Ok thanks :blush:

I like the idea as long as the story is not copyright I’m down for it!

i have thought about it as well. so, i think it would be great.


Thanks :blush:

I like your idea and looking forward to it, good luck :wink:

Thank you! :grin:

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Yeah, But it might lead to copyright issues.

Yh I see

That’s an interesting idea! Though I’m not quiet sure about publishing, because you would have to credit the song, and the song may be copyrighted or something… ?

Yeah I was thinking about that

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So after some thinking, I have decided not to turn songs into stories because of copyright and mainly because I enjoy writing original stories that I have made up :blush:

Thanks so much everyone for your opinions and inputs❤️