Episode Strike 2019 Opinions

I would like to know everyone’s opinion on the 2019 Episode strike.

Here is my opinion - While agreeing with the strike, I also disagree with it. I’m not saying you guys shouldn’t stand up for what you believe in, but to truly make a huge difference every author would have to stop writing on their platform, including popular authors and everyone who has the app would have to delete it. While I agree that Ink authors are getting reported, so are Limelight authors. The only difference in this whole things is that it happened years ago and classic was getting reported a lot. THey’re not getting it too bad now because Ink is the problem. While I wholeheartedly agree, the crossover thing is ridiculous I’ve seen many ink and limelight authors putting someone in their story. Whether they consent or not, whether it is a celebrity or not. In the past (I mean years ago) they have a voice that you cannot do this, they are realizing they’ve been a little lenient with these rules and are trying to get back on track. The only thing I truly agree with in this strike is that featured stories break their own guidelines, and when I read featured stories (the first version of the app) they didn’t have this problem. I read stories like Campus Crush in Classic (there were no ink guys!) and Annabelle (my favorite). I’m not saying it’s right, I’m saying it’s not new, and we should proceed as we did before. In America, you can say the “f-ck” once in a PG-13 movie but can allude to it many times (I’m only saying this because I have a feeling they’ll start attacking stories that curse excessively.) The five punch rule does not make sense to me because movies from Marvel and DC don’t adhere to this rule mainly because they are superhero franchises. I have seen people in the Episode community refuse to call episode a “company” but I disagree with this. They say that a company would listen to the worker and user needs and that isn’t so. Not all companies do this, so I think that calling them a company is more of an insult, and not calling them a company is a kind act. Another thing that bothers me is when others of us in the community were preaching for diversity and we had proposed a strike no one even wanted to join. Now that this may or may not impact more people the community is striking. For instance, when we wanted more representation in different religions and races we didn’t get that much feedback. It bothers me so I figured I’d point that out.

Everything in this post is my own opinion and I would like yours so I can see others feel about the strike and whether they support it or not.


I’m indifferent about it. Although I see this as a chance for Episode to realize their actions but I don’t know. I’m having doubts. :woman_shrugging:t4:


well I’m not on a strike I’m just quitting. is this rule the cause of it? partly yes but not only this rule I just feel like episode isn’t clear with us and isn’t 100% fair. So I’m quitting. I do have mixed feeling about the strike thing yeah I get it but can’t we just move on and not mention the characters credits in the stories but on insta?


Okay! Many people said you can because episode most likely won’t see it. However, I’m not 100% sure about it.



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Thank you! I figured something would have lead up to it, but I don’t have any facts so usually when I mention someone mentions my lack of facts.

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I have read this story and you know what? The old stories are wayy better than the newest ones. I may not have been in this community from the start but i have read the old featured stories and i can sense episode was better back then…


Right! I remember The Secret of Rain by Joseph Evans as well! It’s not too old, but it’s not new either.


Yes and i don’t remember that it included a gem choice every 2 minutes


Uhh Episode doesn’t even enforce their rules on their own stories so I highly doubt they’re policing these new rules :joy:

EDIT: “rules”


I’m not striking lol. As much as I disagree with the new guidelines, I’m still gonna write what I’ve always been writing with absolutely no changes. If there is a problem with that, then me and episode can talk it out through email


Even if they are policing these so called rules we aren’t gonna change our whole storylines


Yes! Do what you gotta do

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I don’t give a crap if they’re doing it or not. If I wanna punch someone 6 times, I’m gonna do it :joy:


So i am officially announcing my new story called Punching Tutorial!!! :rofl: with over 90 episodes being about PUNCHING


I’ll read it :rofl:


Gotta go create hehe…

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I don’t really support the strike either. I feel that authors who have done absolutely nothing wrong are being punished because their work that they’re putting into their story is basically being thrown out the window because if nobody’s going to read the story, then writing a story is useless.

Yes, Episode has taken these rules way too far, and yes, they’re extremely hypocritical, but I honestly don’t believe a strike will fix the problems.


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I’m completely neutral about the strike, I’m an author, but Episode has been going downhill. Opinions?


I’m against the strike.

I am an author and I write for my readers. Going on strike would punishing them.