Episode studio acc

Just tried to log into my episode studio acc since I got “signed out”…only to find out that all my data from characters, to art backgrounds, have been gone…
Literally, it says " ERROR: You cannot access this story. If you previously could, your access has been revoked." Does anyone know how to solve this?


Maybe re-log in with Google?

You can always submit a ticket:


I’ve had that a few times and what normally fixes it for me is refreshing, sometimes closing everything completely and logging in again+opening up the browser again.


this is happening with me too

Contact Episode Support through the link above and submit it to them.

In the mean time (they usually get back within 24hrs so check your spam too), switch browsers and try to log in.
You can also clear the cookies from your browser history and try logging in again.

I use Chrome but when Episode Portal starts doing weird things, I switch to Edge (microsoft edge) or Mozilla Firefox and try to log in through one or both of them. If it works it could be an issue with the browser, if you get the same message on a different browser, it’s a them issue and only Support can fix it.

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thanks a lot , it worked out

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thank you

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thank you :smile:

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No problem :slight_smile: Glad I could help :slight_smile:

could you tell me how to use a iris transition to show show passing time

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So, if you want it to iris out:
@transition iris out color in #
is the coding. Just pick a color ( most use black: @transition iris out black in #) and a number of seconds you want the rotation to be.

A standard is usually 2
For a “I really hate/don’t want to do this” dragging time scene, I’d do a 2.5-3.5
For a quick sequence change (like "lets go to the mall – iris–new place around the same “time” in the story), I’d do 1.5-2.5 seconds but 2 is the usual… :slight_smile: