Episode Studio Art Camp!


Hello! I am not sure if this is in the right section Some of you may know us. Some of you may not know us. Well, we are Episode Studio. An art group dedicated for all your needs. Recently, one of our Co-Presidents, Amani was like “Yo. This would be rad!” So… here we are. Welcome to

How this works:

You will fill out this form:

After you have finished filling it out, please pm either @Chay @amani182-episodeeeee or @jassie12dw
with some examples of your art. After reviewing your art, we will tell you whether you belong in

Beginner Classes

Either you do not know how to make episode art yet, or you are just starting. Your teacher would be @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE

Intermediate Classes

You know enough about episode art but aren’t ready to master yet. Your teacher will be @Chay

Advanced Classes

You know a LOT of art and are well on your way to be a master. You will be taught how to do more realistic art. Your teacher will be @jassie12dw

Information You need to know:

This IS a one week art camp. You are only required to attend one day if you have applied. The teachers are living in different time zones and therefore, the teacher will pick a time that they would like to teach a class. Please be patient with your teacher. Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask below or pm one of the teachers.


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um sorry this seems quite off-topic? If you would like to apply, please fill out the form and pm us your art.


I dont have all my art right now, is it okay if I send the art later when I have access to it?


I applied


Bump! Cause we want more people to join!


I applied!


Thanks for applying! Do you have any examples @Fatima_Alstar23, or is this your first shot at making art?


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@Chay Can I join?


Everyone can join! Just enter the form!


Thank you :slight_smile:


Yes of course… sorry I wasn’t active are the time… thanks J


When does this start? I wanna be well on my way to art making! :slight_smile:


It is already next week!
It is from the 8th till the 14th, but you don’t have to be active every day!


Yes, I do you want me to send it to you!


Yep, if you send them to me that is fine (I was on the account then!)




Just a quick reminder, we will start in 24 hours, so if you want to join enter the form today!


Unfortunately we won’t be able to do the art camp due to multiple circumstances!
But we really want to thank everyone for their interest in it and if you want you can still pm me if you need help with how to make art!
Again sorry that we had to cancel it we know most of you were really excited to do it!

~Co-President of EpisodeStudio