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Need Cover Art for Episode Story

Hi, I would like to get a character edit .

For the character edit I was wondering if i’d be able to get a slit on my eyebrow as well as a nose piercing. You can choose the pose! For the background id like for it to be pink. (:




YOU ALREADY MADE THE TOPIC? Jeez diva! We were making forms!! We were making examples slideshow DIVA!


Everyone agree to do it


Not me!


We were not done.


I’m editing it rn.


I would like a 2 covers

One is located in France 1700 in the Palace of Versailles

The other one is in modern time: something that shows that the two characters are forced to marry eachother




Do you have a screen shot of the character


I can make the France one




I’ll do the modern one





These are the characters for the one in France

Oliver is blond, her dad is the one with the white hair, Fersen is with pink hair, and Andre is the one with brown hair.

In Need of A Co-Writer/Editor, and Cover Art

This is for the modern one:

Clark is the one with gray hair: he abuses the girl with brown hair
The girl with brown hair is the main character that the reader can customize
Agatha is the blonde: she is the main character’s best/maid friend.
Damian is her husband who she was forced to marry


Any specific background, title, poses? Also can you pm me the character details?


The modern one:

The main character (who is crying) is behind Damian because her step dad (Clark) is about to hit her, Damian is mad and is infront of her.

While agatha is trying to calm her down.