Episode Studio is back!


Hello everyone!

Episode Studio has made a new start and we are sorry for all the drama there has been!
We are with a smaller group of people, but still can do whatever you need!

This is how our new organization looks:
President: @Chay
Co-Presidents: @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE and @jassie12dw
Vice-Presidents: @GirlLykAnn and @Doksanwrites

How it is gonna work?

It is gonna be similar as how we worked before on the epic thread:
You can request here! When you request something, we will set up a PM with you and one or more of our members. Please remember to send screenshots of your character and outfit details so we can get your request(s) to you with more ease and speed.

Please fill out these templates for requests:

Cover/Splash template

Character(s) screenshots:
Outfit screenshots
Anything else:

Character edit template

Character screenshots:
Outfit screenshots or describe a personalized outfit:

Background edit template

The background:
What you want edited:

Profile picture template

Character screenshots:
Outfit screenshots or describe a personalized outfit:

Art scene template

Character screenshots:
Outfit screenshots:
Custom positioning:
Any type of filters?

No requesting on other topics (besides reviews), please!



By @Secretz_lol

Character edits/art scenes

By @jassie12dw


By @Doksanwrites

If you need art go here!
Looking for an artist to make some art scenes for me!

@Chay I’m happy to see this thread. I hope you’ll do an amazing work like before and Of course! I want you to complete my request . Hopefully you’ll finish it without any distractions. Thank you :slight_smile:


Thank you for still choosing Episode Studio! It means a lot to us! And I am sure Chay will finish your request soon!


Thank you :slight_smile:


Even I need a character edit for pfp :slight_smile:




I don’t understand what you say?
Do you want someone to make you a pfp?
If you fill out those :arrow_down: details someone will make it as soon as possible!


No! I want a character edit and I’ll send the details :slight_smile:


Okay! I think I will be working on it as soon as you have requested it!


Pose: Admire


And 2 more questions, what kind of background?
And full of half body?


Background: Something like Castle
And coming to size, anything is ok for me but I think half is fine :slight_smile:


Okay, give me about 20 minutes and I will have it for you!


Thank you :slight_smile:


Sorry it took a little longer @anj, but here you go!
I hope you like it!


My god! This is amazing. I love it. Thank you :slight_smile:
And how should I credit it?


You can just credit Episode Studio, @episodestudio_ is the insta account you can credit!


Sure :slight_smile:


bump, bump, bump, bump, bump!


I think it’s safe to say we are all glad to have you girls back in the community! Good Luck! :grin:

With Love