Episode Studio NEW Application Thread! (We're Back!)

Hello Episodians!

We are Episode Studio, and we are back!

Yup, you heard it right!

We’re back!


We are back with a fresh start! And we hire artists!


If you want to join Episode Studio, all you got to do is fill out a form and follow some rules.


Here is the form you’ll have to fill out if you would like to join Episode Studio!:


We will only have 20 members.

If you filled the form on @epsd.ama’s thread, you still have to fill this one.


Here are the rules that you must follow.

1. Do NOT start drama
2. Do NOT steal art, or ask people to make it for you and pretend that its yours.
3. If you request from us (Request Thread Coming Soon) you must credit us as @EpisodeStudio if you only have Forums. If you have Instagram you must credit us as @episodestudio_
You must be active! Really, why would you join if you join if you are not active?!

Meat the team!:

So far we’ve got:

Presidents: @ChayChay, @epsd.ama, @Miss_Moonlight
Co-presidents: @Doksanwrites

Thank you for reading this!


The members of Episode Studio.

Credit to @Doksanwrites for the banners.

Thank you @Sydney_H for deleting our old topics.


I submitted! :grin:


I applied :grin:

I applied.

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I applied! :no_mouth::smile:

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I submitted :slight_smile:

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submitted :no_mouth: yeah im back… but my latest items are on my ipad not my mac sorry :sweat: