Episode Studio ~recreation~ APPLICATION


Hello everyone! I’m Amani. If you don’t know, Episode Studio was one of the first art groups. Second to Episode Royalty. We were running from March to July until we had to disban. Now, about two months later, we have decided to recreate the group. It was a great group and made an impact in all of our lives. Of course, there will be changes in the group. It will become much more professional than it was before. Group originally created by @Dangrousdiva and @Miss_Moonlight. Top members before @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE @ChayChay @GirlLykAnn and @Annaliese_Clairemont @Jassie12dw.

Presidents now: @Miss_Moonlight @ChayChay @Artisrofepi (@AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE).

All slots have been cleared. Everyone has a chance.

If you are interested in joining, please fill out this simple application form

Lots of love-
#lit #awesome
Queen :fire: :sunglasses:



deep breath I dont kniw if I cant handle more that 1 grouop :fearful::fearful::fearful:


Well D you know ES!


PFFFT. Im in bishes.


Nice!!! Yassssss


Have we got a PM yet?


Just added you. Fill out the form still tho


Can I join? Maybe??


Sure. Fill out the form.


Can I join as a background artists? I currently am in my own group, which caters to background, but business is a little slow. :heart:


Omg yesssssss!! I’m so happy for you guys! :hugs::confetti_ball:


Of course! Just fill out the form


@N.L.stories @episode.lk @Firely_Epi @Epy.raven
Anyone wanna join


Sure but later


Nice thanks






I would, but idk I just dont feel like it (dont take offense)


Haha. DW it’s ok. Just looking for members