Episode Studio wants YOUR opinion


We haven’t been a great group as of now so we just wanted to ask


friends and foes

what can we improve on??

Tell us below or pm either me or @ChayChay


Yes please let us know what we can do to improve! We would love honest opinions please!

~President of EpisodeStudio


In what ways have you not been great?


Just drama and problems with other people. In the past 3-2 weeks, it’s been fine but we’ve been quiet and want to know what everyone thinks we could do.


Maybe have a thorough chat in the group, talk about how everyone feels, ask their opinions on what needs to change within the group. Make those necessary changes. Build your way back up to being a functional group :slightly_smiling_face:


thx MA…


Anytime :grin:


Appoliges to the people you have been mean and hurted


umm we have


You don’t need to improve anything girly :smiley:


aww thx te!


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Friends! The drama wasn’t really your fault but have a talk with your group. The only way is up, from now. :wink:


Thank you Winter!


You’re welcome! :heart:


Fix avators so we don’t have to have a limelight one if we chose.
Just approve images already.