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sometimes it is super hard to create the perfect episode outfit so if you want help in either limelight or ink for outfits i will help you don’t worry simply reply with what you want and i will reply a soon as i can. Rufus is helping me as well so you can either direct it to one of us or just post the reply and one of us will reply and whichever one of us replies will be the one fulfilling the request



This is so nice!


I would like some help for my character outfit lol, is there any form to fill in for?

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no there’s no form at the minute just type what vibe and style you want and any colours you want to stick to or avoid or anything like that

I’ve got a request! I’ve been trying to find a Limelight outfit for a guy but can’t get it right. Hoping you’d have something in mind! Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • Limelight
  • Guy
  • Main color: Orange
  • Summer outfit
  • Note: It’s for a picnic date with the main character

It’s a little tough for me to come up with something for him, since Orange is a pretty limited color, but that’s the color scheme I set up for his character :sweat_smile: … I’m curious to see what you come up with! :slight_smile:

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hmm… try

  • Muscle Shirt Short Sleeves Swoopneck Orange Sunny

  • Sneaker Rubber Sole Canvas Grey Black

  • Shorts Elastic Ties Cotton Grey Black

what do you think?
I do have some other ideas just in case

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Thanks! Definitely liking the orange tank top (I had the sweatshirt on him which was not a great summer look!) Do you have other shorts in mind? I’m thinking black may be a little too dark. I’m thinking maybe the Midlength Shorts Blue Oxford shorts :thinking: Thanks again :smiley:

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maybe try

  • Shorts Elastic Ties Cotton Grey White
  • Shorts Elastic Ties Cotton Neutral Grey Lt Warm
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Hello, I need an outfit ideas.

► Ink
► Male
► Young
► He is a famous artist and choreographer, very eccentric person
► Color scheme: at your discretion

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this is what I came up with

  • Floral Mens Shirt
  • Chef Scarf
  • Gold High Top Dance Shoes
  • Blue Beach Boy Shorts


  • Floral Mens Shirt
  • Chef Scarf
  • Gold High Top Dance Shoes
  • Gray Faded Jeans


  • Floral Mens Shirt
  • Chef Scarf
  • Gold High Top Dance Shoes
  • Violet Faded Jeans

opinions? sorry if they are not that good

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Thank you< everything’s great :grin:

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Here’s the details!

  • INK
  • Female
  • She’s a gang member
  • Preferably pants and not skirt
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here try

  • Leather Lace Boots (Black)
  • Body Tight Leather Jacket
  • Black Leather Leggings
  • Red Shorts Onesie Top
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Hey! I would love to request an episode outfit!

Style: Ink
Gender: Female
Qing dynasty outfit


Please avoid using the qipao outfits on episode.

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I’ll try @Neon_bear

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I tried to avoid the qipao outfits but I still used the top and shoes


  • Hippie Skirt (Black)
  • Qing Dynasty Qipao Black
  • Qing Dynasty Pointed Shoe Black
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Hello! I’m writing a comedy about 2 adults whose lives are a mess and that’s all they have in common

I need an outfit that says “I don’t care” for the female. Casual, like she’s going to the grocery store or idk. It would be preferable to use a prego 2nd trimester top, as she is not skinny, other than that can you help? She’s like, 28ish

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sure, i’ll give it my best shot

INK or LL?

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Oh, sry LL

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thank you