Episode Stylists? Huh?

So idk about y’all, but I’ve been seeing more and more people who design outfits calling themselves stylists? :joy: Nothing against them! Because I design outfits too, but when did this become a thing??? I just hopped on Forums recently and multiple topics talked about stylists and I was SO confused because when I began making outfits NO ONE called it that… I just made outfits for people, there was no name for it :joy: So am I a stylist then? How does the stylist initiation process work? (jk jk :joy:) But what do you guys think of this Forums stylist trend? Yay? Nay?

Here are some of my examples… Just in case any of you need a stylist :wink: PM me

Please for the love of all that is holy, DO NOT STEAL THESE

My Examples


OMG I love these!


Thank youu :hugs: :blob_hearts:

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So cute!!

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Thank you! :blob_hearts:

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Those outfits are so cute! :two_hearts:

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Thank you!! :blob_hearts:

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