Episode Tattoos

Hey I was wondering if someone can help me out with the Tattoos on episode my character has two tattoos but its only showing one of them when you read my story but both of them when I dress her how can I have both of the Tattoos show up everywhere.


I have not tested that out, but I believe some sleeve tattoos may overlap chest tattoos so they might not coexist.


I’ve tried using two tattoos and it doesn’t for me either. Mine was eagle chest tattoo and dagger waist tattoo but ig since they are both on upper body, only one appeared. I think only one tattoo can be used on one character in most cases but sometimes, they may occur depending on location.

I agree with @t3ss4_n0v4. Sleeve tattoos overlap chest tattoos. When you want to use more than 1 tattoo, to be safe → use the fully tattoos. It only works for male, the Full Body Tribal Skull Lace Ink Black OR the Eagle Flower Bird Set Tattoo.

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