Episode Teachers

I feel like there should be Episode Teachers, people who are often on the site who people can go to for advice. IDK, what do you think?


Hm. I can agree

That is a really good idea so that noobs like me can get help instead of having to scour the forums for coders


I mean I feel like we already have that. There’s a handful of people who are active frequently and they know a lot lol.


Maybe you should put this under the feature section


I’m active quite a lot. And I do advanced coding. I’ve written plenty of stories. So, if you need help with coding, I’d be glad to help. Keep in mind there’s still probably some stuff I don’t know. But I know a whole lot.


I think having some kind of “mentor program” would be a really good idea. The Epy Awards organised something like that but it wasn’t for Episode stories and coding, just for short written stories


Yep i agree :v:


If anyone wants to message me on here or on@d.episode1015 (my Instagram) I’d be happy to help out! I’m always on both, but I see my Instagram more than the forums.

Hey​:wave::slight_smile: I saw your post saying that if someone needs help can contact you. I’m new to the episode community and a new writer but I’ve been on episode 4 years now. I have a struggle with writing though. Any help is welcomed.:grin:

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I’d love to. Just tell me what you need help with.

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I can help with pretty much anything if you want!

I make covers like mine!
Follow me on instagram: andreeali_episode

I agree that there are people who are able to help, but for people who are new rather than posting a comment each time they’re stuck, they’ll have some to guide them personally.

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I love seeing new people in the community and I love to help but it’s hard if you dont talk to them personally.

There are plenty of teachers already available on here! What better teacher can you obtain than an experienced episode writer! Also, YOU can be your teacher with instructionals on YouTube and guides available on the episode portal :slight_smile: There are plenty of ways to be a student and plenty of ways to be a teacher other than the “cookie cutter” idea we have of them.

Hey! I know you!

I agree with you!
I learned how to codding from youtube too!