Episode technical error


Ever since I updated episode every time I leave the app after reading a story or two and come back to finish it, it never shows back up it’s as if I’ve never read a story


Maybe submit a ticket?


How would I do that


Im having issues also I started on a style a while back BEFORE spotlight and now I come back to add new characters and I cant see them on the screen now I notice that it changed my characters to spotlight which is NOT what I want at all I want full display as I had this whole time and I even tried to see where change character format was but I cant find it please someone help I would hate to have to remake all my characters and outfits


last time i updated my episode app and it stopped working .so i reinstalled it from then my account is not logging in hlep me pleasee!!!


When i’m writing a story on the writer portal and i add an overlay it wont show up in the previewer, it just shows the dotted box. Can anyone help me? :slightly_frowning_face: