Episode Text, Font and Colours

Hey I need some help because everyone has been writing in different fonts and colours and I would like to know how. :smile:

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Tap the “B” to make it bold or u can just put two * then put your words or whatever then put another two *.

Do you mean on the writers portal?

Tap the I for this or do it the same way as the bold but only put one _ and one _ after u put your word.

Yes i mean writer portals

Can you show me a screen shot cause I’m still not completely sure :slight_smile:

Check this thread out: Text effects help

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Thankyou that really helped :grinning::grin::smiley:

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No problem. Happy to help! :wink:

Get all the help you were looking for @Meghashaji? :slight_smile:

Yep everyone has really helped :smile:

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Happy to hear this got resolved! Closing thread :v:t2: