Episode Thinks We Are Stupid!

Hey guys! I’m here to expose Episode for the story My First Everything. I’m here to say that My First Everything is the rebooted version on In My Bed. This might be old news to some of you guys but I can’t believe Episode think they would get caught. Don’t worry hunties I have screenshots.

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The version with the blonde girl is In My Bed and the black haired girl is from My First Everything. As you can see before I even got to name my character she already had the name I chose for my In My Bed character. Also the character with similar names (Amanda, Ryder, Principal Levy) and similar scenes with different dialogue. You can also see from the pool photo at the top the underwear Episode released yesterday THEY HAVE HAD THAT SHIT FOR MONTHS AND WHO KNOWS WHAT ELSE THEY’RE REFUSING TO RELEASE! Try harder next time sweaty because none of us are this stupid. :kissing_heart:


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