Episode timed out, forever loading



Whenever I try to play Episode, it loads for a long time then says connection timed out please try again, I cant even get to the bookshelf or anything. I use Wi-Fi and Episode used to work before, Im very close to the wifi location and I tried reinstalling the game. I think this happened when I got my new modem/router, could it be because of a closed port? I tried using my data and it worked, but I have a very limited data so please help…


Restart your phone and it should work :T


I obviously tried that too.


Reinstall the app? Sorry if you tried that also :T


Done that too :frowning: I emailed Pocket Gems but still no response, been happening for quiet a while…


Maybe message @Sydney_H she is on 24/7 so you are likely to get a quick response.


Will do. Thanks!


@Omar did you ever get this fixed?


Sadly, no. Pocket Gems did not help at all, and I asked a few more questions and they didn’t answer.


I’m sorry to hear that. They responded to me but all they said was I need to connect to a different internet…well mostpeople only have one internet connection at home lol but anyways have you downloaded any other apps recently? I deleted two apps that I downloaded after the episodes app and once i deleted those apps my game started working!! I hope this helps you because I tried everything else and nothing was working!


Ok I will definitely try this. Thanks!!




Bummer. It’s not working again. I deleted everything on my phone except episode.


Daaamn what noooo go back to telling me ima beast lol but it did it to me again last night too this time i just disconnected from my internet then reconnected again and it worked. Hopefully it’s something small and yours starts working again!!


I tried restarting my phone and my internet and still :frowning:


I tried a vpn, it loaded but it’s forever loading stories??


Story loaded, screen awfully glitches like its all black except a little part in the corner where it plays the story.


Working now without that black screen thing. Fast and great with VPN. I wonder why it wasn’t working without a vpn??


That’s so weird but I saw someone else say something about a VPN so you arent alone in that. But look together we did more than pocketgem did for us lmao


true lmfao