Episode TITM Group - Members Needed

I am starting a new group called ’ Episode TITM Group’. I am needed for new members! Please apply if so! If you do make it, i’ll make sure to PM you! I’ll pick a manager, and assistant, those are pretty big jobs! If you don’t be able to make them, you will get a better job. Each week, each member will get $50 Love Dollars FAKE More will be in form! I’ll pick the top 15 people, any hate, cheating, and mean comments to someone, you’ll be blocked or fired from the group. Please, fill out my form! if you quote this, you get a higher chance of being in the group! Good Day now! Will be closed when the first 15 people make it. I’ll be rehiring if needed, or someone was fired.
Finally, here it is!




I submitted! :blush:


Girl! Yes! Not begging you. But your like the BEST!

Aww, how am I the best?

I’m applied. @phlegmatic you really are the best! You make awesome covers, splashes, stories. ANYTHING!!!

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Girl. Covers, compliments, ya have it all!

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Amani LD means if you were to buy something you lose that much that is selled for

Aww… tysm!! I feel so special!!! Lol Im not tho

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you are. Everyone on the forums knows that.

Am I that popular on the Forums?

Have you seen your covers?!

Um well yeah, I made them… so kind of have to see them… Lol, but I honestly see no skills in my covers.

You can be the best!

Amani. tell Ivy, She may be an manager, or assistant…

um… I think you should make a poll. Everyone agrees. You’re just being humble :joy:


Tell me her reaction when you tell her.