Episode tropes/cliches that you LOVE


I’ve seen some posts talking about cliches that are overdone on Episode, that people hate seeing and that they wish would stop - and I agree that there are some. But there are also some that I love and will never get tired of seeing… so let’s talk about those:

ALSO give recommendations for stories in which you can find these! (I guess a lot of these aren’t specific to Episode… but here we go anyway)

  • A flashback that you see multiple times but is different every time, because different biased perspectives or the character needs to change their story

  • Best friend character who takes nothing seriously and makes totally indifferent/sarcastic comments while the MC is at peak dramatic moments in their story

  • I’m sorry but, interrupted kisses

  • Character is disguised and the person they are trying to fool knows it is them but the disguised one does not know they know

  • The love interest just conveniently shows up in like every plausible situation where the MC does/does not want them

  • “We hate each other” “you are the last person on earth I’d ever get in bed with” cut scene to them very clearly not hating each other

  • Omg like spy/detective dramas where Person A has an earpiece in, expecting advice/guidance from Person B but Person B cannot focus on the mission at hand because “you look really good” “which camera can you even see me through right now”

Please add other cliches/tropes you love and which Episode stories we can find them in!!


Omg so true, some cliches will be stuck forever in a part of our hearts :kissing_heart:


I actually enjoy a good makeover story, to be honest, as long as it ends with the MC learning the lesson that it wasn’t actually the change to her (or his?) appearance that bettered her life and boosted her confidence, but a change in attitude, and learning to put herself out there. Also, if she originally changes for a guy rather than for herself, I tend to give the story some serious side-eye.

Other cliches I enjoy:
Forbidden love! …as long as it’s not like… a teenager with an older man. :confused: But that said…

I also like older/younger romances… but mostly between a woman in her mid-20’s with a guy in his early to mid-30’s. So there’s probably only a 10~12 year age gap there :joy:

Good girl gone bad(ass). You drop kick those societal expectations to the curb, honey.

Annnnd I like Episode stories where you’re single and can hook up with a bunch of different characters, but like… with a little jealousy, but without it being a hardcore love triangle? :woman_shrugging: I dunno, maybe that’s just my inner ho showing. :joy:


Omg yes completely agree with what you said about makeover stories!

And seriously, most of the time I can’t be doing with a hardcore love triangle but I’m all for multiple love interests :ok_hand:


I think the appeal of makeover stories isn’t the whole “OMG SUDDENLY BEAUTIFUL!!1” thing, but more like… the feeling of being unsatisfied with something about your life and doing something dramatic to change it. But most makeover stories on Episode don’t really follow that pattern, so I’m not really here for them. :woman_shrugging:

I hate the way love triangles are written in Episode’s official stories. Seriously. There’s nothing fun about them. I’m in a monogamous marriage, so my real life days of playing the field are over… and I want to use these stories as a way to do it without repercussions! /Shakes fist


Hahah, that’s a great point! Maybe you should write a story where the MC can play the field, probably a lot of people don’t really know how to do that. I’d read a story like that if I could find one!


I legitimately loved “Crush on Mr. Bad Boy”. I know it has to be the most stereotypical and cliche story out there, but hey… I’m a sucker for bad boys. And also, what made it cool was that it used hairstyles and stuff that the reader community had never scene before (but that’s not really related)


I love love triangles and I’m not ashamed :smiley:
It happened to me a few times that I couldn’t continue a story, because there was only one love interest and I didn’t like his character at all. I like to have “options” and I like when I already know who I want to choose, but I’m still forced to go on dates with someone else and feel like “meh, he is so boring”. It makes me like the other guy even more.


I loved this story! I thought there was going to be more but :woman_shrugging:

Is it allowed if I take this as an opportunity for a little bit of self-promotion? If you’re a sucker for bad boys, you should check out my new story “Reformed”: Bad boy Carter meets his match in Violet, a bad girl turned good. (I’m sorry, I had to, sue me.)


Hmm that’s interesting. I guess it can be an issue if there’s only one love interest and you don’t like them.


Same. I love having options too… and is it a little sadistic if I enjoy them all wanting my character when I’ve already narrowed my options down? :joy: I wouldn’t do it in real life, but I love that Episode gives us the opportunity to do things that we’d never consider in reality.

What I don’t like in love triangles is:
-Someone pursuing my character when they’ve made it obvious they’re not interested. Creeper alert.
-When that’s all there is to the story. They’re so boring when there’s no interesting context to put them in.
-Basically the whole way Episode does them in their official stories.

I will also admit, I’m prone to cheating on people in games if someone better comes along. :woman_shrugging:
But I mean, at the end of the day it’s just a bunch of pixels, so no one’s actually getting hurt. I wouldn’t do it in real life, and I love stirring up fictional drama and trouble, knowing it doesn’t have real consequences for real people in the real world. :smiling_imp:


I don’t know, but I enjoy this too :smiley:

I agree, I would never date more people at the same time in real life, but yeah, for some reason I find it amusing in the game. But after I made “the big decision” (LOL), I don’t cheat. Sometimes I’m not even sure if a character will be a love interest or not because we barely know each other, but I feel so committed that I don’t let anyone else to kiss me :smile:


haha i’m kinda ho with love triangles. but the way Epsiode does them isn’t fun.

anyway, cliches i like…

  • the guy comforting the girl after some emotional distress
  • everyone asking if two people who hate each other are together
  • that one character only added to the story to make everyone miserable. like that’s their only purpose.
  • everyone abandoning the MC when she does something stupid only when she does something actually stupid
  • that one sarcastic, sassy friend


Yesss especially emotional distress tbf but can’t forget the girl comforting the guy!! Or guys comforting guys, girls comforting girls… anyone - it’s the way they suddenly become sentimental and the intimacy is heightened just the perfect amount :ok_hand:t4:


Love triangles , bad boys, mafia & gangs, pregnancies, sex, princes & princesses, makeovers and more


-Bad boys


I agree on the first two.


I like love triangles too, but it got to be done well. Not some silly one where it is not believable that the these two characters would fight over the love interest but one that is more thought out and you could see why the MC would struggle between these two love interests.


I do like princesses, well done, not cheesy makeover stories, well written love triangle stories, mistaken identity or pretending to be someone else (disguise) and when two characters don’t like each other at first but grow to really like each other and discover they have more in common than they thought (is that a cliche?).


I don’t know if it’s a cliché or not but I love that too!! Also yessss the mistaken identity, never would’ve thought of it but love that.