Episode Tropes List

Scrolling through different stories on Episode will show common themes.
Let’s make a list of tropes we may run into on ‘Episode’ (for fun)


Ughh, don’t get me started on the whole Mafia/Criminal boss theme. It just reflects how poor of character development was thrown onto the LI, and there is no originality ngl.

I’m not making fun of their terrible backstory or anything, because honestly it can be portrayed a lot in real life however. Yet, why does one (or both) of the parents either have to die, be a cheater, alcoholic, dr*g addict, divorced, or even just abandoning their child? Like, that’s the part I’m a little concerned about because are they going to add on to the reason they became that way, or just put that in there to make the MC feel sympathetic to the guarded love interest? :worried:

Either way, stories with funny best friends who act like total crackheads and have a tiny bit of slow burn romance in it is definitely a click for me. :italian_hand:


Here’s my list of least favorite and most offensive tropes / themes:

  • The “Bad Boy” is abusive and nasty because of his rough past :pleading_face:
  • The “Bad Boy” changes his behavior because of one girl who just isnt like other girls :face_vomiting:
  • The main character, yet again, isn’t like other girls because of insert sl*t shaming here
  • The main character’s Black Best Friend who is completely one dimensional and only has the purpose of supporting the main character and giving them advice.
  • The main character’s Gay Best Friend who is constantly h*rny, is (yet again) completely one dimensional and is only there for fashion advice and appropriating AAVE.
  • The main character gets dr*gged and is saved by the love interest. Disgusting.
  • The love interest is abusive, manipulative, and overall a bad person… but it’s okay because he has a soft spot for the main character and because he’s attractive.
  • Italian characters that look like POC (when Italians are not POC) that speak broken and incoherent italian out of context.
  • Using that Italian character as the token POC when, AGAIN, Italians are not POC… unless they’re mixed with something NOT WHITE.
  • Main character gets kidnapped or becomes pregnant. (Boring, predictable)

These are so common, and it’s recently been pushing me away from the app. There’s a lot more, but I’d really not like to ruffle my feathers any further.


The MC gets married to the LI, has kids and then the kid of the parents (MC and LI) to the same old sh*t in the sequel.

The MC’s best friend aka the party/clubbing animal who likes to drag the MC when MC doesn’t want to go to the club or party. Then meets hot werdio who is rich, owns the club or is a bad boy.

MC’s mum who is comparing, sometimes wants to the MC to wear something else beacuse she (the mum) doesn’t like what’s she wearing and wants her daughter to be a copy of her when she is older.

MC’s dad who doesn’t like the MC around boys, wants the MC getting a boyfriend when she is older like 20-30 or doesn’t like the MC’s boyfriend for no reason!


The LI having 1) An ex who cheated on them (it’s ALWAYS cheating, whyyyyyy?!). 2) An obsessive ex who thinks they own the LI and tries their hardest to create problems between the LI and MC.


And they said “eff women” like sir, let that middle school girlfriend go, it’s been done and over with. And this applies to men in real life too, like do they have emotional issues?!?! It’s no way they’ve been holding a grudge on all women because of one woman they’ve ever been with


This so far is going a little bit more serious than intended :sweat_smile:. I was expecting some silly tropes. Turns out there is a bit of a dark rabbit hole when it comes to Episode tropes.

I know of some obvious tropes like:
The bad boy
The mafia
Some one (usually MC) has to get pregnant.

Thanks for the replies either way.


What is AAVE?
I’m now afraid to look it up :grimacing:


African American Vernacular English


Thanks for the info.


Mean girls. I feel like the mean girl antagonist is in 9 out of 10 featured stories and boy howdy am I bored with it. Like, irl how many people come right out the gate with the catty rudeness the second they met someone and people around them all act like that’s cool? It happens in a lot of teen drama but I have never witnessed it in person in my entire life. Some people suck, yeah, but it never goes down like that.


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Oh okay
For a sec I thought I was in trouble :sweat_smile:


My least favorite tropes and themes (aka the Popular Story Starter Pack™):

  • The mafia boss/gangster/mobster/whatever love interest. Glorification of criminal behavior is unjustifiable. Period.
  • The abusive love interest that constantly belittles and runs down the main character. (It’s even worse when the author tries to use their “dark past” as an excuse and/or calls it “tough love”.)
  • The main character’s best friend that has no personality or purpose other than obsessing over the love interest’s hotness.
  • The main character’s dramatic “transformation” that causes the love interest to finally notice her even though he had no interest in her before (which just proves that he’s toxic).
  • When the main character gets harassed in a dark alleyway and the love interest shows up to save her. Using harassment as a bonding experience for the main character and the love interest isn’t cute.
  • The cheap antagonist mean girl and her sidekicks. She used to date the love interest so she has it in for the main character because apparently the love interest is “showing interest” in her.

That’s an adorable profile pic.

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Mean girls are an overused trope. Nowadays there is barely a story without one. I guess it gives the reader more determination to win over the love interest but these are just so unrealistic. I just don’t think most people would actually have so less dignity as to try and separate two people or be that clingy. And the author basically doesn’t give them any personality besides being a cheerleader, stylish, popular and with fake lashes and lip injections.


Me realizing that my story has fallen victim to this trope: shit.


That b*tchy mean girl who look like a gone horrible barbie doll aka a monster high doll usually has blonde hair, blue eyes, big lips and wears reveling clothing like short skirts, crop tops, dresses and high heels. She is the cheerleader captain, dates the LI who is either on the football team or is the most popular guy in school and is rich and lives in her barbie doll house aka her mansion.


Again, me realizing that my story has fallen victim to this trope: shit.


This is so clingy and predictable.
This makes me feel like…oh…here we go again

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