Episode tutorial youtube channel?

Hey guys! I’m thinking of starting a Youtube channel with lots of Episode related tutorials. Here are some of my video ideas:

~ How to turn a background into night
~ How to make a custom backgrounds/overlays
~ How to make moving intros
~ How to spot direct quickly and effectively
~ Misc. Episode coding tips and tricks

Would you be interested in seeing these videos? Also what would you like to see? I’m opening to any suggestions!

Suggested ideas:
~Animating/moving overlays
~Advanced effects using overlays


The 4th and 5th one!

Just do all :upside_down_face: I’d like to see them :v:

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I guess you should to all the videos that you mentioned and if you want you can also do an animating overlay video as overlay are very difficult to place (for me) I would like to see a video regarding that…

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Love the idea :heart:

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Thanks for the feedback! I’ll definitely start planning the layout of the videos!

For sure! I’ll definitely add that to the list! Thanks for the input!

Thank you!!! :blue_heart:


I would do ALL of them if I were you! I mean, only if ya want!

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I think I will! I’m planning out what each video will look like. I have a habit of blanking when I’m being recorded :sweat_smile::joy:

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That’s a lot of work, time, and energy you’d be putting in for the Episode community! I feel we all have to thank you :blush:

I’d love to see all of those you’ve listed, also if you could include tutorials about complex branching. Like how to use complex branching to include some kinds of “mini-games” in our stories. I’ve seen some authors use complex branching in some really cool ways that you don’t get to often see on Episode very much.

Wish you luck!


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: