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So I have a new(ios) phone thats a different platform than my old(android) one. Therefore, I cant use my old account in this new phone, so I created a new episode account. I didnt want to wait 4 hours just to get 2 passes so I wanted to skip the newbie process and just purchase the unli pass. To my frustration, its not in the sale page when I checked. I thought I cant purchase it since Im a newbie so I waited a few weeks, but its still not appearing. Alas, I contacted episode support, but all they told me is I need to wait till I get offered the unli pass and they cant specifically send the offer to my account because of “complications”. Its been a month, and I NEED THOSE UNLI PASSES! If anyone encountered a similar problem, please let me know what to do. Episode isnt helping.


PocketGemz is Episode and they developed the game and purchases and the word “complication” means They don’t want to figure it or too time consuming to do it. Mind you You need to file another ticket and tell them complication is not your problem as they have this posted on their FAQ List. WHICH MEANS WE ALL SHOULD HAVE THESE OPTIONS BUT PLENTY DO NOT INCLUDING MYSELF. SO MAKE SURE TO TELL THEM THATS NOT WHAT IT SAYS UNDER EPISODES. FAQ on SUBSCRIOTION INFO .! REP just didn’t want to be bothered hence the excuse “complications” image|375x500



Lisa (Episode)

Sep 26, 1:18 AM PDT

Hi Bethany,

Thanks for writing in. In order to create a better experience for players and make sure that the special offers released are the best they can be, the team will sometimes release certain special offers to small groups of players to make sure everything is working properly.

Unfortunately, due to the limitations of our support tools, we are unable to manually send special offers to players’ profiles. Hopefully this will be available to you soon as well, but it may take some time. Thanks for your patience!

Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns, and have a wonderful day!


This is what they sent me on this matter, I had some problem.