Episode Unlimited Pass Help



So I have a new(ios) phone thats a different platform than my old(android) one. Therefore, I cant use my old account in this new phone, so I created a new episode account. I didnt want to wait 4 hours just to get 2 passes so I wanted to skip the newbie process and just purchase the unli pass. To my frustration, its not in the sale page when I checked. I thought I cant purchase it since Im a newbie so I waited a few weeks, but its still not appearing. Alas, I contacted episode support, but all they told me is I need to wait till I get offered the unli pass and they cant specifically send the offer to my account because of “complications”. Its been a month, and I NEED THOSE UNLI PASSES! If anyone encountered a similar problem, please let me know what to do. Episode isnt helping.