Episode Update Hype Thread

Yo! Since we’ve been a lil’ off topic on the update threads talking about updates and the like, why not make our own topic to discuss it?

So, discuss away!


I hope we getting some hairstyles and lips.

Honestly it’s getting late but if they can’t update this week they should make a post about it beforehand… not 2 and a half hours AFTER they usually update like last time. I do appreciate that they told us though

There’s an update! I’m happy

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theres am update to limelight right now.


Episode Update Rant Thread!

As some of you know, a lot of the update threads have been closed and locked due to offtopic conversations regarding updates.

Thus I’ve decided to make a thread dedicated to exactly that.

We can discuss the update, what we like or don’t like about the update, and anything regarding the updates and the episode team.


  • No drama
  • No cursing
  • Debate don’t Argue

Any rules broken will result in flags.

Please keep this thread kind and informative.

Let’s begin!

If you could please list which update you’re talking about!


Hm. Okay, im getting a little confused. Is it about the writers portal or the thread in forum.

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It’s about the clothing/item updates we get every Thursday!


Ahhh okay.

Hm, with episode team, I think they should have sections, like for approving, and updating the episode catalog with new backgrounds and overlays. @ZADDY

Yeah, could use some more dresses for clothing, and other things. Adding animal animation, more new character animations like lets say,

someone pick u up and throw u in the water.

Have animation on that.

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Bump! It’s that time of the week again!

I feel like all the facial features have been released. Maybe there’s a couple more hairstyles?? But it would be cool if we got back to clothes

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