Episode update (on beta for now)

This is my opinion, point of view of the update

This is my reply in one of the post talking about this update, I don’t feel like writing the whole thing again ( yes, I’m lazy :sweat_smile:) so here it is:


I personally find nothing wrong with it, some of the reading apps I use have been doing this and I’m actually a fast pass reader in one of them (I pay to read a chapter weeks earlier than normal readers)

If its like the other apps than there is a big misunderstanding. This was made to support the author to unlock the payment section faster or to just make more money. How? Well, an author will have a # of chapters that are gonna be "fast pass chapters " (1 chapter - will be out for free in one week, the second chapter will be out in two weeks, etc…) and every time someone buys a fast pass chapter the author will get it added to their payment section.

For example, let’s say you are now reading chapter 15 and the story as 3 fast pass chapters. The three fast pass chapter will be chapter 16, 17, 18. Which means a fast pass reader will be 3 weeks further into the story than a normal reader, but both the fast pass reader and the normal reader have to wait a week for the next chapter. Again the only difference is that a fats pass reader will always be a # of chapters further.

For the second screenshot, it might be a completed story. Why? To keep supporting an author that story is now completed. How it might work? If it works like other reading apps than everyday or week a chapter will be free but if you want to binge read it than you’ll have to pay for the chapters that are still not out. Now this option I don’t really like because I like to binge read completed stories, like many times I would add a story and wait for it to be completed.

So do I think there is something wrong with the update? Not really.

  • I do think it would be best if only featured stories had it but after all community stories are the one that might have it harder to unlock the payment section and make money out of their story.
  • I think completed stories shouldn’t have the gem payment because people including myself like to binge read
  • This update will support authors, which is good. People wanted an easier way to unlock payment section so now they made it
  • You do not have to pay if u don’t want to, is your choice if u want to read a chapter earlier
  • worrying about getting spoilers? I wouldn’t worry, the author can sue the person for spreading screenshot of a chapter that’s still in the fast pass section

Obviously, Episode didn’t really address this so everything we can do for now is just jump to conclusions. I got multiple reading apps which have being doing this, that is why I think this is what the update is about and by the screenshots I’ve seen everything seem pretty similar to what the other apps are doing. Actually, in Episode is even better because you can get gems for free but in the other apps u have to pay cash and there isn’t really a way to read a fast pass chapter for free.

Episode did a lot of stuff which made readers angry, such as discontinuing Ink or the new strict guidelines. But did anything change when we complained about it? Eh, not really sadly. There were petitions about continuing ink but it didn’t really have any affect.

Again, just my opinion :blush:


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