Episode Upgrade?


I load the app and it says that I am using a newer version of the app or one of their stories. Upgrade or close app.
I press upgrade and nothing happens!

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You need to go to wherever you get your apps from and update the app. The same thing has happened to me before.

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There is no option to update though


On the App Store / Google Play?


You might need to uninstall then install again


Google play, I uninstalled and reinstalled but it loaded an older version of the app

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Maybe your device needs updating?

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Tbh I have no clue anymore

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Thank you for your help


Sorry for ruining your episode.

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Sorry to see that this is happening. Anyone affected by this please submit a ticket with as much details as possible for the support team. Thanks!


Don’t worry, it was ruined long before that

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Would it be because of the model of your device?

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Well my device is Android 4.4.2 so possibly


mine is a 4.4.1 and i don’t have the option to update either …

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Wait how?


What do you mean


If your episode no longer supports the version of your phone, meaning that their new updates won’t be available to you, it must’ve switched back to the older version because it may not support your phone anymore :woman_shrugging:t2:


Like, how was it possible? Going back to an older version? I lowkey wanna find out so I can do it and remember what it was like.

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Technically speaking you can go back to an older version of Episode by downloading an apk for an older version. Just be careful though because it’s likely not supported and watch where you download the apk from.

(If you’re on an android phone)