Episode User Libraries


So I’m not sure if people already do this but I want to start an episode library for my (your) favourite stories on episode ! There will be genres and sub genres , kind of like what episode does on the app. Mine will be on Instagram (episodetammyire)

I’m wondering if anyone would be interested? Or would submit their story? or other stories?

It’s a place where you can look for good stories if your bored / can’t find any good ones / think you’ve played all the good ones.

They will mostly be user stories and nothing episode has already featured.

I will include limelight,classic and spotlight!


that would be lovely


Thank you , i just want to know like how many people would be interested


Example ; genre : romance
Sub genre: comedy romance


followed you on instagram btw


Thank you , I’ll follow you back




thank you


I will follow your IG right now!


Thank you ! I’ll follow back


Update : I’ve decided to go ahead with the idea so if you follow my Instagram please send in your story or your favorite romance story!




No one else ? :frowning:


I can submit mine


yess classic awesome


I have some classic stories published!